I wrote a book 6 years ago. It published in Hungary: Spirituality in business - How to Manifest the First Million?

Seven Parts of Book:
- What is Your Goals?
- Grow Your Self- Confidence!
- Plan Your Next Year!
- Step- By-Step towards Your First Million
- Blocks in Your Mind
- The One Million Way
- Bonus Exercise: Green Candle Prayer in the morning and in the evening (Magical Exercise :)

I reread my book. I understand everything.
I think Everything is Possible, and Everything is alright in Our Life.
We must accept 100 % Responsibility for our life!

Jack Canfield said: " The most critical principle to master if you want to create greater success is to accept 100 % responsibility for your life- including the type and amount of negativity to which you allow yourself to be exposed."

Yes! It is True!

We able to working for our Big Dreams. We can Manifest our Big idea!
Yes, we can able to...
We can willing to dream the Big Dreams,Better Future!
We can Service to Others! (This is the Key of my Spirituality Business Model)
We can create to our MasterMind Group or we can meet with our Virtual MasterMind/ Inner Coach.

Everything on Our hand...

Think about it!

Author's Bio: 

Theresia Valoczy, Hypnotherapist, Coach, Author
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