What exactly is fear?

A feeling of severe and all consuming fear in an individual which happens without any apparent cause or reason is termed ‘anxiety fear'. This is a relatively common phenomenon and affects people of any age, causing them to behave irrationally and/ or lose their grip on reality whilst it is happening. (panic attack)

To cure or treat this anxiety fear, the individual has first to face up to the fact that they have to control their reaction to fear, thus seeing fear in a different light. This will help you realize that you can control your fear, instead of the other way around, thus not allowing it to manifest in you the panic that it previously did.

Signs you are suffering from Anxiety Fear

Signs that people may be suffering from anxiety fear are as follows. You may display all, or just a few of these but it will nonetheless help you realize you have the condition, allowing you then to think of ways to overcome it.

• excessive sweats

• nauseousness

• a feeling of being out of breath

• having ‘the shakes'

• feeling that your mouth is dry

• racing heart

• losing ability to be in touch with reality

• not being able to think coherently or concentrate

Therapy available for Anxiety Fear

There are a number of options available to you to help prevent you being overcome by anxiety fear, or even curing you of it altogether. This will allow you not to respond to those fear inducing situations irrationally but rather teaching you how to think about it logically and clearly.


Hypnosis is a way to access your subconscious. You have little or no control over your subconscious yourself, and it is this that can help create those feelings of fear. The hypnotist will reprogram your subconscious, which should counteract the symptoms to some extent, if not cure it. Of course, hypnotherapy isn't for everyone as it has a long history of being associated with mind tricksters but in modern times it has been harnessed as a very real and viable method of therapy. Without any effort on your part, you may well find that the parts of your brain that used to cause anxiety no longer interfere with your everyday life.

Neuro-Linguistic Therapy

With Neuro-Linguistic therapy, a psychologist will profile your outlook on the world and then find ways for you to reprogram it bit by bit. This will develop your fresh new perspective, thus dissipating the anxiety fear inducing thoughts.

Some exercises to help keep fear at bay

Basic meditation is a great way to help keep fear at bay, helping you reconnect with your body and calming your mind too.

• Keeping your eyes closed, sit in a comfortable position or lie down.

• Focusing on your feet first, pay attention to every part of your body, taking note of how every part feels and work your way upwards.

• Stop awhile in each part of your body and really feel the sensations in each.

• Concentrating on breathing deeply, move to the middle of your body, for example your navel or stomach.

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