Tiled floors give a glamorous touch to the elegance of the interiors of your home or office. Moreover,they add a different appeal to the floors by making them appear shiny and colorful. Hence,to maintain the eye-catching feature of your floors, you need to preserve its looks.

what are the reasons of damage ?

Major damages to the tiled floor occur due to the following major reasons:

When your tile and grout is not clean, they result in damage to your floor. Many a times we try do it yourself methods to clean the grout. Use of metal scrubbers or hard scrubbing surface takes out material from the grout surface. However,this damages the grout lining resulting in a lose hold of the grout over the tiles. This loosening leads to misplacement of the tile. Hence, it causes substantial damage to your floor.

Dropping of heavy articles over tiled floors can bring crack over the tile surface.

Dragging of heavy upholstery and furniture can result in chipping of the tile edges. Moreover,on repeating such activity, this may lead to misplacement of the tile.

Tiles come in many variants. They are also having difference in the materials they and the structure. Natural stone, sandstone, limestone, terracotta, marbles are some of the materials tiles usually come in. Each of these materials has different process of cleaning. In the absence of a proper technique, they damage the tile floor. Vinyl tiles have a completely different regime of maintenance in the same fashion.

Precaution and Safety measures to protect tiled floors

As the above reasons are responsible for damage of tiled floors, respective precaution and solutions can be the following:

Use of doormat :- Use doormat at the entrance of all rooms or cabins which have tiled floor. This will reduce the amount of dust carried by the shoes to settle over the surface of the tile and grout. It is advisable to avoid wearing the shoes or footwear used outdoor when walking over tiled floor.

Avoiding dragging :-Avoid dragging or rolling of heavy articles over tiled floors. Make it a habit to life and place after removing the heavy particles. This prevents chipping of the edges of the tiles.

Avoiding heavy articles :- Be careful while using articles or equipment which are heavy in weight while you stand upon tiled floor. Accidental drop of such articles can generate a crack over the surface of the tiled floor.

Clean kitchen tiles and grouts regularly :- It is quite natural for kitchen tile and grout to incur damage with oil and spice. These stains and marks are very tough and stubborn in nature. Try to wipe them clean on regular basis. For stained grouts, use mixture of vinegar and baking powder diluted by water. Apply the mixture over the stained area and scrub gently with non-metallic scrubber. If the stains are very stubborn in nature, use hydrogen peroxide in the solution. This will gently clean the stain over the grout and tile too.

Clean and sanitize bathroom tiles :- In your washroom, the tile and grout get messed up due to the soap froth and mildews. Clean and sanitize your washroom regularly. Do it daily if possible. Use appropriate tile cleaning agent with caustic soda and antibacterial solutions. This will cleanse off the frothy deposition from the surface of the washroom tiles.

Taking professional help :- Hire professional tile and grout cleaning services once a year. These services provide gamut of solution to your tiled floor related problems. They specialize in treating different tile material in the respective manner. Sandstone tile cleaning, Vinyl floor cleaning, marble tile cleaning etc. are some of their specialties.

Grout resealing services :- Go for grout resealing when needed. The professional tile and grout cleaning services specialize in grout resealing. This gives a new life to your tiled floor. The grout resealing procedure gives a layer over the grout surface which restricts dust and debris to settle over the grout surface.

Tiles are vitreous and slippery in nature. This prevents the accumulation of dust over it. It can be easily cleaned using vacuum cleaner or wet mop. But the linings around the tiles, the grout, are porous. Dust and stains get easily attached to them. Cleaning them is a very tough process. Therefore, it is important to maintain the cleanliness by oneself, but hiring professional is also an important part of tile floor maintenance.

Professional tile and grout cleaning services:-

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