How To Reconcile With Husband After Separation: My Husband Says He's Not Ready For A Reconciliation

Are you tired of being frustrated with your spouse and your marriage and seeking good marriage advice to solve your problems? Well, I know how you feel right now and if you are like most married couples you are fighting against the urge to throw in the towel. I'm glad you haven't loss all hope and are open to marital advice.

Marriage Advice for Common Marriage Problems

Communication Advice - Isn't it interesting that during the early stages of marriage communicating is rarely a problem. There is so much love and romance that communication issues are not noticed or seen as a big deal.

So what's different? Well, I find that two things are different. One is that the conversation is usually about something of substance and the other thing is that there is now a history to bias thoughts and opinions. During the early stages of the relationship spouses are given the benefit of the doubt but once marriage experience happens, it turns to something else.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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My suggestion is that you go back to giving your spouse the benefit of the doubt and respect and trust what your spouse is saying. What happens over time is that because communication is seen as a verbal fight, usually one spouse changes a conversation into a confrontation. When this happens it just causes unnecessary tension and strife. Practice what you used to do and you'll be closer to having the relationship you long for.

Lost Love Marriage Advice - Have you ever felt as though you no longer loved your spouse or your spouse no longer loved you? Perhaps you still feel this way today. Well, you are just a normal married couple. It's natural to feel this way when as a couple you are spending less and less quality time together. When you build walls and distance between you and your spouse it's easy to think the love is gone.

My suggestion is that you take down the walls and watch your love and passion, come back. The problem is that you are distracted by all of the negatives in your marriage that you are having a hard time seeing the beauty and feeling the love.

The best way to get rid of the problems is to tackle them one by one and make this a priority. You probably feel as though you have tried everything to fix your problems but trust me you haven't. If you did, your problems would be behind you. You can and will feel the love again if you just tackle a few of the problems making you feel the way you do now.

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Everyone will feel really bad if there are problems in the marriage life. You cannot be happy from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night. In addition, many couples have been in this situation for years without trying to fix anything. Well, I have been in this situation before and I did save my marriage finally. I've never agreed with getting a divorce. This is the reason why I'm telling you how to save your marriage. Besides, you can do it even if your partner doesn't want to.

As mentioned earlier, I have been in your situation before. There were some problems in my marriage life. I wasn't sure whose fault it was, but I was sure that we both had made mistakes. I didn't know what to do. I even tried to beg her not to leave me. I tried my best to save my marriage, but things were not getting any better. We tried to get some advice from a professional marriage counselor and I felt that the situation was getting better for a while. After that, we were back to where we had been again. Now, I'm about to tell you what I've learned from my own experience.

- It is a fact that communication is considered to be very important in the relationship. However, if you think that it will be easier for you to fix the problem if you have better communication skills, then you are wrong!

- If you want to save your marriage and you feel that both you and your partner must do this together, otherwise it will be impossible to achieve what you want, then you are wrong!

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- If you think that your problem will work itself out when time goes by, then you are wrong!

- If you think that you can save your marriage by begging, pleading, apologizing, and making promises, then you are wrong!

Well, to be very honest with you, I've done all of these four things mentioned above. Actually, I was not told by anyone in order to do these things. I just thought that it might work. Now, I can tell you that don't try to do these four things since they do not work at all!

In an ideal world, when a problem happens in the relationship, both partners will help each other in order to fix the problem and try to go through this tough time together. Well, this condition does not happen in the real world and you know that. So, if you or your partner is trying to do one or all of these four things as mentioned, then you or your partner need to stop immediately because they do not work as previously stated. You need to stop making mistake and start doing the right thing to save your marriage.

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I think the whole idea of marriage emerged from the instinctual understanding that you can accomplish more WITH people than without them. A couple in harmony produces two unstoppable individuals. An inharmonious marriage, on the other hand, drains the partners of motivation and self-respect. Marital stress literally makes the marriage partners sick. If you're married, to achieve your highest goals in life and to fulfill your own glorious potential, you need the support of a harmonious marriage.

If you are married with children, the quality of your relationship with your mate becomes even more important because when Mom and Dad are not getting along, Junior simply cannot behave well. The child acts out the marital trouble. Marital harmony goes a long way to solve and avoid child behavior problems.

And yet, while getting along with our mate supports us in every way, what we do to achieve it usually backfires. Basically, we blame our mate for our dissatisfaction with the relationship.

We want our mate to treat us more kindly, to be in better physical shape, to dress nicer, to be a better listener, to speak more forthrightly and succinctly, to be more fun, to be more responsible, to be more intelligent, more creative, more self-reliant, to be more inspiring, more forgiving, more giving, more prosperous, more spiritual. If you don't want that now, just wait. The bloom on the rose will fade and you'll be wanting your mate to change soon enough.

The fact remains, though, that we don't have the power to change another person. And the harder we work at it, the more we feel like a failure, and the more our relationship seems to fail us. So what's the solution? Well, here's your Lancer Answer: While you can't change your mate, you can become a more effective leader in your relationship with your mate, and that can make ALL the difference.

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One role of a leader is to bring out the best in others. That serves the leader because it surrounds the leader with the best people. To be a great leader in your marriage means that you help your mate to fulfill his or her own great potential, which gives you a great mate. To do this, relate with your mate in a way that supports his or her beautiful best. Particularly when your mate makes a mistake in your eyes, respond in a loving, patient, confident way that nurtures and inspires higher performance rather than cuts down. When you express harsh, critical, impatient dissatisfaction, your attitude undermines your mate's self-confidence and motivation to do better.

Now you see why so many marriages are doomed. We react in destructive ways that spoil the marital harmony, betray our mate's trust, and chip away at our mate's morale and belief in himself or herself.

When your mate makes a mistake in your eyes, your responsibility is to respond in a way that helps your mate do better. As you do this, you have a more powerful teammate helping you to achieve what you really want in life, and supporting your fulfillment of your own higher potential.

Marriage offers two people a wonderful opportunity to combine forces to achieve more of what really matters in life to both of them. Think about what really matters most to you, what you really want to accomplish, and realize that you empower yourself to achieve it to the extent that you relate with your mate in a way that preserves your marital harmony and supports your mate's fulfillment of higher potential.

Is this always easy to do? No. You have to work against your own critical habits of negative emotional reaction. Every time your mate errs in your eyes, that gives you an opportunity to practice, and so to strengthen, your ability to respond more responsibly, more constructively, for a better result. For you to have a great marriage takes more than your commitment to staying together. It takes your endless commitment to getting yourself together, to grow into a more loving source of support that helps your mate do better.

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Are you and your spouse too independent? Sometime, independence will cause a marriage to break down. Complete independence will make you focus on your own needs and this will eventually cause your marriage to fail.

The way to stop divorce and save your marriage is to be interdependent with one another. Interdependence is what keeps a marriage together. The best way to achieve interdependent is to do find things that the both of you can do together. If you need to go out of town for a business trip, take your spouse along with you. Or go for a long holiday with your spouse and spend quality time alone together.

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If you are not looking to go out of town, you can take an entire day off and go out to explore new places with your spouse. There must be something in your town that you have not explored yet. Visit those places and have a candle light dinner to rekindle romance.

There are things that the both of you can do at home too. Select a DVD and watch it together. Or go to a bookstore and buy a book to read it with your spouse in bed.

The 2 most important things to keep a marriage together are open communication and romance. A couple should not have any secret and don't forget to spice things up even after marriage.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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