If you are in the process of rebuilding your marriage after an affair and you are still struggling to make it work then this is the moment when you should start learning how to recover after an affair. The most difficult part of rebuilding a marriage after an affair is coping with the images and memories of the affair.

When you are trying to learn how to recover after an affair do you find yourself in the situation of saying:

1. "If I could change anything from the past, what could it will be?"

2. "Maybe if I'd married someone else this whole painful situation would never happened."

3. "Why I didn't realize what was going on with my spouse?"

4. "I can't stop wonder if they had a nice time together laughing and talking."

We are experiencing every day life by processing situations, events and people who are near us and talk to us. With this process comes the foundation of our unique memories. When something like an affair is suddenly disrupting the happiness in your marriage than profound negative memories are starting to put a hold on your life and thoughts.

Knowing how to recover after an affair starting with yourself and healing your own negative emotions and feelings is the key for succeeding rebuilding your marriage. You have to know that any emotional situation is more likely to become a stronger memory and to remain in your mind maybe forever.

If you want to know how to recover after an affair here are some effective ways to cope with an unpleasant memory:

Step 1: Try not to resist it. When a negative memory is entering your mind your first reaction is to stop it. This technique is not always working depending on how you resist to that memory. Here is how to recover after an affair negative memories: allow these thoughts and memories to come forward and don't resist them.

Step 2: Think about your reaction and decide what feelings are giving you certain memories. If you repeat this exercise you will be surprised to see that your reaction to the negative memories will begin to change because your goal is to loosen that powerful grip that the memory have on your emotion. This is the right way how to recover after an affair if the images of your spouse's infidelity are strong inside your mind.

Step 3: You have the power to change the story. Only you and your spouse can change the present for a brighter future. Together can learn how to recover after an affair and rebuild your marriage on even a stronger foundation than before the affair because this is really possible.

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