Our brain is the most amazing organ of the body. We humans distinguish ourselves from apes, because of our developed brain. It's functions and utilities are, despite all the technological advancements of the modern world, still ill understood. What we do know is that the brain basically powers our reality. Without it there's no such thing as a reality. It's also a storage for masses of information and a command centre for the body, giving command to all acting functions.

Each and every day, the mind of a single human is exposed to a high amount of traffic, incoming information from random sources that needs to be processed. However, the process of digesting that income is tiring and by the end of each day every mind needs to rest and reboot. This is a natural process called sleep. We can choose when we want to perform that sleep freely, however it is mandatory that sleep and rest are both provided each day. Neglecting to do so backfires with all sorts of negative effects, among which are energy drain, loss of focus, slow and uncoordinated reactions.

Aside from the daily dose of peace, common consequences are also suffered, provided the brain is overloaded. Unfortunately for us, overloading can cause accumulation. If left unchecked, signs of performance decrease begin to emerge and they become much more apparent as time goes by. We have to protect ourselves, our personalities, our lives, our homes, our loved ones. This can not be possible with a weakened mind. The answer is mind recuperation. This is a personal issue because it starts from within.

The act of recovery will require some key element, something to rely on. They would be: time, money, complete liberty and a destination. The plan is simple. The chemical responsible for the natural feeling of pleasure is called endorphins. It is released when the body reports to the brain a high positive case from within. The two known most effective ways for pleasure are consuming food (more specifically chocolate) and the sexual act. The third is what we know as a hobby. It is something that we want from within and know will fix everything if engaged with. Therefore, we are to search for ways to oblige that hobby, which will reward us with a fresh mind and fresh feeling in return.

Many of us are entangled in an everyday cycle, from which breaking off is difficult, sometimes even restricted for our own good. That is, as long as people pay their respect for investing in their futures. What about the now? Each moment of breath is a blessing and unique on its own. Live your life to the full, remember? Here is your so difficult to find excuse to break the rules. Commonly, some people work, some study, others neglect and sacrifice themselves for the better of another person or family. There are those that do all of these things, so what's your excuse? Since the everyday demands your attention, you have to be forceful, in order to escape from its hold, both to others and to yourself. Weigh exactly how much are you prepared to give carefully and make that first step. That first step is always the hardest.

If you study – rearrange. If you work – demand for a leave. If you are placed for care duty on someone, righteously ask for your part of a break, preferably negotiating duty exchange with another one you can trust. If in the worst case you are burdened with all of these things, follow as just explained on all of them at once, regardless of what's going to happen! Should you be attacked by the feeling that you are letting down someone, or a lot of people, think again. Every card player is in title to his hand, which may contain an Ace or two, if he is either lucky or skilled enough or earn them. We all get lucky sooner or later. It's a matter of how to use that luck to its maximum potential. What kind of a fool holds back on his strong shares, if life is a one-time game we live out?

Aim to provide yourself with time and a destination. There are ways to ignore money and still be able to enjoy a hobby freely. This next part is very delicate, so be sure to answer yourself the truth and nothing but it. Does your hobby involve enjoying it with another person? In other words, is there someone else involved in your plans. The reason why this is so important is that no matter what happens or who this person happens to be, there is always the chance that human interaction will provoke a conflict, which is the last thing you want. If indeed involved, only pay attention to what you both have in common and what you can both enjoy. Ignore the rest. When speaking for the rest, that includes people, no matter who they are. Of course, don't forget to explain to those that deserve an explanation why you do not wish to be disturbed for the time being. The one thing you DO NOT own anyone an explanation for is the parter that you choose to spend your all-important recuperation time with.

Because the mind only accepts relaxation when it has had its way, even if what follows is not exactly healthy or smart, ignore it! You're after feeling good about yourself. “What they say” doesn't qualify as worthy being on your mind at that time. Don't be afraid to cut off communication with the rest of the world during your time. When you think about it, speaking with anyone, no matter who, automatically provokes responses, which break your concentration process. Again, these things stand in the way of self-realisation. Therefore, they must also go. Enjoy yourself. Let it all out, like an animal! The longer the stay – the better the restoration process.

Sometimes, you might be urged to think that enjoying yourself too much is wrong, which is what happens when you haven't for a very long time. That's true, unfortunately. Make it out a fixed duration, knowing exactly how much time you are allowed. By doing so, you will want to make the most of each passing moment spent. Upon your return, you will recall only success. Believing your alright makes you alright. There you go – mind recuperation in the making. Since you now know how, how about it then?

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Jason Moore is a maritime civil officer by profession. He has been through a tough past and now provides specific inside intel on topics such as home, relocation, real estate, self improvement, self-preservation, all under the form of a read. Has provided writing services and support for removals Lambeth SE1 Jason is also experienced in teaching tough character, the kind a leader is required to have.