Moving house is always a stressful situation to find oneself in. It becomes even more stressful if the home that you are about to leave is one that you have built or lived in for many years.

To part with your family home can feel like cutting away a large chunk of your past. The act of selling that home feels so final. Your home has so many memories associated with it and you somehow feel closer to those times when you are within those walls. To move on to a new home reflects a huge change in both life and perspective.

Inevitably as you grow older you are more likely to find yourself in this type of situation. You perhaps no longer require the space that your family home affords, or can no longer manage to look after that space as easily as you had in the past. The kids have long grown up and embarked upon a life of their own. It can also feel lonely in a large family home with no kids to create noise and distractions.

Sometimes such a move is linked to the passing on of a spouse and this inevitably adds more emotional turmoil to the thought of moving. It is like you are cutting further away from your loved one and you can become afraid that your memories will fade. Logically you know that you need to move and that it is the most sensible decision, but this logical understanding does not make the emotional leap any the easier.

Friends and family will also have their input in your decision. Most will support your decision and do what they can to help. But sometimes ones offspring find the idea of parting with that family home difficult to handle too. Emotions can run high and stress levels soar.

What can you do to relieve this type of stress? This emotional turmoil isn't made up. It is very real indeed and can keep you lying awake in bed at night questioning your decision and making it difficult to cope. A little understanding of the roles of logic and emotion will help one to appreciate what he or she can do to relax and relieve this stress.

When you feel upset or worried about something a hormonal reaction takes place in your mind and body. This happens automatically. In recognizing that this emotional reaction is normal, you can choose to take a conscious step back and apply your mind to soothing these physical reactions.

Breathing deeply, meditating or using self-hypnosis are great ways in which to do just this. They are great because they are easy. Hypnosis in particular can play a huge role in assisting you as you can take the process a step further. You can use this receptive state to implant suggestions into your subconscious mind to reassure yourself that everything is going to be all right.

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