Slimes are fun to play with. Not only for kids but for adults too. To be honest they are good stress relievers. Whoever invented slime will not have thought that it was going to have such an impact in the world. Nearly everyone at some point we're behind slime. But, let us face it you cannot be entertained by a slime for a long time, after some time we just put it somewhere and go away. Especially when you have kids at home, then we all know their attention span. They will just throw the slime somewhere after they are down with it.

Just to make it clear, slimes are gooey, liquidy, substances that can be made at home using ingredients like contact solution and borax and many others. Slimes are also available pre-made in the markets which come in different shapes and colors and contents. They come with beads, sequins, glitter and many more. Although slimes are attractive and good to play with, they are very hard to get off a surface. Especially when the surface is fabric and had bristles like that of a carpet.

Carpets are conveniently spread all over the surface of the house. Chances of getting something spilt on it is very high. It is hard to do carpet cleaning and get it dried even if a glass of water is spilt on it let alone slime. Carpets come in varieties of colors and shapes and designs and textures. Carpets have bristles which help in trapping the dust under our feet and also helps as an insulator to trap heat and to keep us warm. Carpets also absorb sound and they prevent unnecessary reverberation and echo.

Now that we know about slimes and carpets, down below are some methods to get rid of the slime from the carpet.

How to Remove Slime from the Carpets?

Scrape the Slime Off

If the slime is not too liquidy than you can easily scrape it off. Use a blunt knife or a spoon because you do not want to chop off a bunch of carpet bristles. Gently and slowly scrape the slime off.

Use Ice

Use ice to make the scrapping job easier. Using ice is an age old method to remove bubble gum from clothes. Ice hardens the gum or in this case the slime and then it will be easy to scrape it off. If you have scraped off a good amount then slightly vacuum over it as it helps to get rid of any remaining bits.

Removing Stubborn Slime

Things required

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Soap
  • Old Toothbrush

Mix two parts of vinegar with one part of water and pour over the area with slime. Let it soak for some time and after some time, start brushing over it with a toothbrush. Do not brush vigorously such that the bristles come out leaving an ugly patch behind. Brush gently lifting the slime particles slightly from the carpet. After brush and removing a good amount of slime follow the next step.

Using Soap and Water

After you have done the vinegar soaking and brushing, use soap and water for Carpet Sanitizing in Brisbane. Removed slime can leave patches behind and of the slime is colored then most probably the colour will stain the carpet.

Drying The Slime

If the above mentioned steps do not work then consider drying the carpet with slime on it. Dry the slime using a hair dryer or place a cloth on top of it and iron it gently. Keep the heat low and gently iron. This must make the slime hard enough to just remove it using a knife or a spoon.

After Care

After doing the above methods, consider washing the carpet thoroughly with soap or detergent and fabric conditioner. Use washing machine only after making sure that it is good for your carpet. Hand wash the carpet by soaking it in hot or warm water first and then use soap solutions, give it a good run using a soft cloth brush, rinse it thoroughly. Get rid of all the soap and put it to dry out in the sun.

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