Carpet has to encounter infrequent dust, dirt, grime and several stains while getting used. When you notice suddenly that stain on your carpeting, you try to remove it with a homemade cleaning solution. It is possible that you may have success in removing the stains and carpet cleaning but sometimes, it seems challenging to remove the stains from fabric carpet.

Some stains like ink stains are hard to remove and require unique methods. You may see that ink stain removing from carpeting can be more challenging than the stain on your clothes. One of the foremost fact that all ink stains are not the same. Some stains are easier to clean but some are stubborn and difficult to remove. In such a case, you must hire professionals for Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane. Fortunately, we have beneficial tips for removing the stains which are really hard to remove. So, read our guidelines step-by-step that will help you in tackling tough ink spots.

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Three are Three Methods to Remove Different Types of Ink Stains

Method 1- Remove Ballpoint Ink Stains from Carpeting:

If your carpeting is made with natural-fibre and you want to remove ink stains from it, follow these simple steps to remove stains:

  • Buy two bottles of inexpensive lacquer hair spray which are easily available in the market. This will be effective in removing the stain such as food stain or ink stains. You may need to repeat this method until the stain is removed.
  • Spray the hairspray onto the stained area and make the carpeting wet. Lacquer hairspray will act as Carpet Ink Stain Removal. This type of spray will soften the ink and make it easy for you to remove the ink stain.
  • Use a white cloth towel or paper towel to blot the stained area. Scrub gently because harsh scrubbing can spread the stain and can make it deep into carpet fibres.
  • Once, you have completed the process, vacuum your carpeting for removing the remained lacquer traces and dust. Then, allow your carpet to dry up the area so that you can prevent mould from growing up. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners for removing stubborn stains from your carpeting.

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Method 2- Remove Permanent Ink Stains from Carpets

  • In this process first, moisten the ink stain by rubbing alcohol or non-oily hairspray.
  • Blot the stained area lightly with the help of white cloth or towel. Ensure that ink colour should be transferred into the cloth.
  • After removing the stain, moisturize the area with a clean cloth dipped in lukewarm water.

Additional tip; In this process, all stains are not permitted to be removed. Sometimes, you have to repeat the methods or steps for getting the desired result. And, sometimes, you need to hire professional carpet cleaners for removing the stains.

Method 3- Remove Water-Based Ink Stains from The Carpets

After processing the above methods you might notice leftovers over the place. Pulling on carpet fibers can damage your carpet so you need to follow this method.

  • When you think to clean carpet water-based stain, you can be cozy while proceeding the process because removing these types of stains easier than another one.
  • For removing water-based ink stain, mix 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with warm water. For getting a perfect result, hire professional carpet stain removal services.
  • Now, dab a clean cloth into the water, then dab the towel onto the stained area. Repeat this process until the ink stain has vanished or disappeared.

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