Mould is a fungus and it’s known for its dank smell and spread really quick, it gives the curtain a tired and grubby look. Once the mould infestation starts on the curtain, it's very difficult to deal with the infestation, moreover, the curtain becomes useless overtime. Therefore removing mould is important to save the curtain, we spent loads of money on buying curtains so that our home looks good and beautiful. Also, our curtain regulates sunlight and adds privacy to the premises, cleaning them is really worth. Moulds spread very quickly and it could reach to other parts of the home once the infestation starts it reaches to other things inside the home, such as a mattress, couch or carpet. Mould can also make our health bad, it induces asthma and several other allergies in allergic people. If all these reasons aren’t enough for you to get rid of mould, you should know that mould toxicity is a psychological disease which affects our mental health. So, mould is the worst enemy and it should be removed quickly.

Here are The Steps For Curtain Mould Removal

To do the curtain mould removal work you need some supplies which are mentioned below, gather all the supplies and start the work. Follow the steps as directed for good results.

  • Know The Curtain: -

    Check your curtain fabric and see if it’s only meant for dry cleaning if it’s meant for dry cleaning do not use water or any other solvent or else your curtain will become fade and weak. You need to call professional curtain cleaners in this case, they can only find the appropriate curtain mould removal solvent and remove the entire mould from the curtain.

  • Wash The Curtain: -

    If your curtain can be water wash then use your washing machine, add plenty of detergent into the machine then add you curtains. Let it wash thoroughly, then dry the curtain in the sunlight, sunlight is a natural disinfectant the radiation kills all the mould on the curtain.

  • Steam Clean You Curtain: -

    Steam cleaning the curtain is one of the best ways to get rid of moulds, if you can do the curtain steam cleaning then do it. You can also hire professional curtain cleaning services to have the curtain steam cleaning.

Take Professional Assistance

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