How would you feel when you are always bitten by bugs when you tend to relax or leisure in your bed or couch? Yes, beds and sofas are places where we spend our rest time, but some bugs will disturb your peace of mind effortlessly.

One of the most commonly found bugs is bed bugs. They are most often found in places where human contact is more. There are few simple methods of finding the hidden bed bugs, and proper chemical or non-chemical treatments are given to get rid of the bed bugs. There are few traps in the market to find out the hidden bed bugs.

Many pest control methods are done by ‘do it yourself (DIY)’ method and in the severe condition ‘professional pest control service’ are called to remove the pests with ease.

How to Find Out Signs of Bed Bugs

The presence of bed bugs are identified by using a magnifying glass, by using nitrile gloves to search the bed bugs, by using flashlights, and in the places where our hands cannot reach, we can use materials like credit cards or thin sticks to bring out the bed bugs.

Below are signs of the presence of bed bugs

1. Black spots – The gathered black spots are wastes of bed bugs. If you find out such black spots, then it is advisable to start inspecting.
2. Molted skins – Molted skins are an indication that the bed bugs are continuously growing and reaching its next stage of the life cycle to lay eggs and reproduce.
3. Bloodstains – Out blood stains will be found in the bed or couch. This is because unknowingly, we might have killed the bed bug from which the bloodstain would have happened.
4. Eggs – The eggs of bed bugs are milky white, and we can find the eggs in any cracks or holes of furniture where the eggs are not disturbed by humans.

Self-Inspecting the Couches as the Initial Stage

The foremost step and to ensure the presence of bed bugs are to self-inspect the couches and beds. Each layer of the upholstery has to be thoroughly checked. There should not be any place left without checking. Because any single bug left is enough to breed again and increase its population.

Use your flashlight and credit card to wipe out the bed bugs from all the gaps of couches. If you are using dust cover for your upholstery, then without any doubt, that will be a hiding place for the bugs. Do not hesitate to remove the dust cover and check it thoroughly.

Using Climb Up Insect Interceptors

After self-inspecting the couch, plastic climb up interceptors is used to get the bed bugs caught. Climb-ups are placed under the legs of the sofa by lifting the couch as the device is used as a lure to bring the bed bugs towards it. The insects climb up the interceptor and fall into the trap. A thin coat of talcum powder will be there in the inner layer of the interceptor, which will not allow the bugs to climb up again to get out.

By this method, you can even identify the population of bed bugs in the overall house, and preventive measures can be taken to prevent the pests.

The below two methods of bed bug prevention are followed either by the DIY approach or by calling for same day pest control in Brisbane. Either of the methods is used by identifying the density of bed bugs that are spread across the upholsteries.

Spraying Across the Upholstery

This is a method where a commonly available bug spray from the market are bought and sprayed across the beds and couches. These sprays are not much harmful to the kids unless it is used less.

There is pointer attached to the spray bottles which allows us to insert the pointer into the gaps of the couches and beds to spray the chemical. This method will have an immediate effect on the bugs.

If we are not sure about using the spraying method, then it is advisable to call for professionals who can work on this method with their chemicals, which will not be harmful to our family members and pets when inhaled. Also, the professionals will have their equipment, which will reach to any nook and corner of our costly upholstery.

Steaming and Vacuum the Upholstery

This method of steaming and vacuuming the upholstery has to be done on a regular basis to get rid of the bed bugs. If the machines are not affordable to buy, then calling up the professionals to work on it will be advisable. This is because the professionals will have types of steaming and vacuum machines. So, pest control treatments will be carried out efficiently.

Professional Pest Control Services. Hire us

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