Your spouse cheated on you and you finally found out. You are feeling that the whole world is falling down around you and despite all these negative and painful emotions you still want to save your marriage after affair. You may have different reasons why you would want to rebuild your marriage, maybe because of your children or you still love your spouse. No matter what are the reasons you must know that saving your marriage after affair it's possible.

There is no specific process to rebuild you marriage after affair but one thing is sure it takes a lot of commitment from both of the partners and many efforts. One thing you will have to do is to reignite that initial spark between you two and in order to do this you will have to work together.

3 Steps to help you start saving your marriage after affair and reignite the spark:

1. Make a list with dates ideas. Sit down together and try to think about some great date ideas. Your marriage after affair is very unstable and it needs some work in creating the lost interest to each other. For example try to think 4 date ideas each and then combine them.

2. After you come up with a list of date ideas it is time to choose one and put it in practice. First select a date and time and mark it in your calendar. In order to save your marriage after affair you need to take actions to move your relationship forward. Doing this will not mean that all the negative feelings will go away but it is your commitment that you and your spouse are really trying to rebuild your marriage after affair.

3. Try to forget about the conflict between you two for the day you choose your date. This may be a tense time for you but you have to remain strong and think about your goal of surviving the affair. This "first date" after the affair wouldn't be the same like your real first date years ago but it will still give you jitters about what to say and how to behave and even what to discuss with your spouse.

You both have to agree that for this date you will remain calm and relaxed and don't start a discussion about the affair or other conflicts you two had in the past, just enjoy your date and the time spent together. If you really want to save your marriage after affair than you have to be committed to this and work together to pass this critical moment.

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