There are many ways you can sell affiliate products. You don’t even necessarily need a website or blog, although I would recommend it if you want to make good money for a long period of time. Although you can make good money without a reputable site, I prefer this route as you can create something that eventually will help you make good money without much effort. Once you have loads of quality information and followers, continuing making money will require only a small amount of time as your foundations are already built.

Here are some of the different ways you can sell affiliate products online…

Established website or blog

A good long term way of selling products is by creating a good quality site or blog, with loads of useful resources. This builds trust and attracts visitors. Once you have visitors and trust, people are far more likely to buy products that you “recommend”. If you don’t know how to set up a website, you could use a service such as SiteBuildIt!, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the whole process.

One page website

Some marketers create a one page site, selling a specific product. The theory here is that there is not a lot of content to distract the visitor from making the decision to either buy or not buy. However it would seem that these types of sites are becoming gradually less effective as more and more savvy web surfers see them as potentially a bit spammy.

Article Marketing

You could publish articles on other people’s sites with your affiliate link in the bio. Be careful with this though, as many article directories and guest post blogs don’t allow affiliate links. Always check their terms and conditions first. You could of course simply link to your website or blog that contains affiliate links if they don’t allow direct affiliate links.

Think quality over quantity here. Your reputation is on the line with EVERYTHING you write, so make it all as good as you can. You get far better value writing fewer articles of higher quality. I promise you the investment in time is worth it.

If you want to find blogs that accept guest posts, then enter terms like these into the search engines…

“(your niche) submit guest post”

“(your niche) add guest post”

“(your niche) submit article”

“(your niche) add article”

Forum Signatures

Many forums allow you to add forum signatures at the end of each post, along with a link or 2. Not all will allow affiliate links, so check. You could set up a one page site and link to that if they don’t allow direct affiliate links.

Find a forum that has an audience that will be interested in your product. It doesn’t always have to be in the exact same niche. For example, people on a hair and beauty forum may also be interested in weight loss products.

Don’t just make pointless and useless posts just to get yourself seen. You see many people posting things like ‘good post’, and ‘I agree!’, but with no substance. I wouldn’t want to buy from someone like that, would you? I would want to buy from someone who provides quality insightful posts, and displays intelligence and knowledge. Think quality over quantity, and get yourself in this habit as in the long term it is far more time efficient in terms of input to output ratio. You ALWAYS get a better deal out of a few quality posts than you do with a large amount of poor quality posts. If necessary, do some research for your answers first, in order to establish yourself as a very credible expert. People will then be far more likely to click on your links to find out more about you and how you can help them further. Down the line they could become good customers of yours.

Also, don’t spread yourself too thinly. It is better to make a regular quality posts on 4 or 5 forums, than occasional ones on 20 or 30. You should be trying to build trust and reputation here, so get to know people and let them get to know you.

Social networking

I have had a good deal of success with making friends on forums, and establishing friendships with these same people on social networks such as FaceBook and Twitter. The more contact they have with you, the more trust they will have, and the more likely they will buy from you. Over time you could have a list of 5000 highly targeted Facebook friends that know and trust you. Then you can make some serious cash!

Sites such as FaceBook and Twitter also allow affiliate links, which you can if you want, mask with a URL shortener so that they don’t look like affiliate links. This will help give a better impression that you are merely recommending products, rather than selling them.

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