Most of us live from paycheck to paycheck. In this scenario, our finances can sometimes be very scary and a great cause for stress.

We love when our bank account has a hefty balance. But if in the next month some unexpected expenses suddenly appear, all of a sudden we hate our less than desirable bank balance.

This love/hate relationship with our finances can cause a lot of anxiety, to say the least. We either see our finances as our friend and ally or as our enemy.

I have a simple method that I use to ensure that I can have a loving relationship with my finances regardless of my bank balance.


My proposal for “enlightened finances” is a combination of gratitude and love. This process allows us to unconditionally love our finances. This may sound bizarre, but it works.

The purpose of loving our finances is not necessarily to change our present financial picture to one that we deem more favorable. Although, sometimes it does alter things to turn out that way.

Rather, the purpose is to remove the petrifying fear of financial catastrophe that prevents us from enjoying our lives. The purpose is to allow us to feel great about everything, including a less than stellar bank balance. The purpose is to bring love back into our lives so we can obliterate fear.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Summon gratitude

For many people, it’s not so easy to immediately start loving something, especially abstract objects like a bank balance. However, a painless way to start activating your love juice is by summoning gratitude first.

Regardless of how good or how bad your finances might seem, there are many people involved in your set of financial experiences. Think of all the wonderful people that help with your finances. It can be the bank teller, a customer service person, your accountant, a financial planner, and so on. Thank them for their job and for serving you splendidly. Thank your bank and its employees, thank your credit company, and thank any other financial services that you use.

2. Extend love

Next, send love to all the people and symbols involved in your financial experiences. Include your bank balance and other accounts in this process. This will immediately start to shift your attention from stress to well-being.

Use this exercise any time a stressful thought related to your finances enters your mind. You will notice yourself becoming more and more at peace with your finances. Better yet, with practice you won’t worry about your finances at all.

In the book Zero Limits by Joe Vitale, there is a true story about a man that was the top salesman at his company. When asked about his secret, he said that all day long he mentally said “I love you.”

We often underestimate the power that love has and how it can totally transform our lives.

3. Annihilate fear

Fear and love cannot co-exist. When we shine love onto our finances, fear has to leave the premises.

“Fear is merely the absence of love.”- A Course in Miracles

Fear and the stress associated with it will often want to stop by for a visit. No worries. Repeat the gratitude-love process and you’re all set. Fear will start to dissipate again.


Regardless of whether your finances are up or down, the ability to adore your financial situation and your bank balance can be a great tool.

If your finances are already prospering, loving your finances will increase your sense of well being even more. In addition, it may help magnify the good that already exists in your life.

If your finances are in the dumps, loving your finances will release your stress and replace it with a state of gratitude. It’s surprising how our finances often change once we no longer consider them to be problematic or a cause for stress.

Your turn:

How do you feel about your finances? Are you able to love your bank balance even when your funds are not what you dreamed of? We’d love to hear how you handle stress associated with your finances.

With you always in my heart,


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