How To Solve Misunderstanding Between Husband And Wife: Husband And Wife Problems Solutions

Resolving conflict in marriage is not that hard, especially if you have an open heart and an open mind. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. What regularly happens between two partners is that their stubborn levels increase as the fight escalates. It's a lot like children in the playground actually.

But there are ways to handle such delicate situations. Read this article and find out how resolving conflict in marriage can be as easy as a walk in the park.

1) Walk the Dog Together.

I wasn't kidding when I said that fixing your marriage is as easy as a walk in the park. To be honest, conflict arises from poor communication. Perhaps you and your partner haven't had enough time to talk lately.

If you have a pet, why don't you walk it together? That should give you time to think and talk with your spouse without any real pressure. Plus, the sight of your dog will make the whole atmosphere friendlier and a lot less threatening!

Find the time to do other activities like taking a bath together, doing the laundry together and even just plain reading next to each other on the sofa. The more relaxed you are around each other, the easier it is to talk about the issue.

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2) Put Yourself in the Other's Shoes.

A relationship cannot always be about you. It also has to be about the other person. One way of resolving conflict in marriage is trying to understand where they are coming from.

If they get angry when you party out all night, imagine yourself in their shoes, waiting for your phone call at 1 in the morning. Imagine all their worries and what-ifs that must have plagued them all evening.

This way, you can understand where the other person is coming from and the other's reaction into perspective. It also helps you avoid overreacting in turn. Resolving conflict in marriage also means hearing the other person out.

3) Honesty is the Best Policy.

Lies weaved over lies can be very troublesome and will eventually lead to two people breaking up. Or in this case, getting divorced.

Resolving conflict in marriage means having to be honest about your feelings and about what you've been doing. The more you lie, the more complicated the web of lies becomes.

If you keep breaking your partner's trust, you'll one day end up becoming "the boy (or girl) who cried wolf." Breaking a person's trust does not necessarily guarantee that you'll get another chance.

Resolving conflict in marriage is not a joke. It has a lot to do with your own values as well as your spouse's. Don't let the little things bug you. Instead, focus on the goal of smoothing things out between you and your loved one.

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Marriage crisis usually arises due to boredom, financial problems, lack of sex, stress, etc. Fixing a marriage is never easy and it needs a lot of effort to fix it and make through. Choosing on fixing your marriage is the best option you will choose especially when both of you still love each other. And after the struggle, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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Having an open and good communication could create better understanding with each other. With that, proper communication should be followed. When one is talking, let him talk while you listen. If he is already finish, absorb what he said then it's time for both of you talk. If anger arises, pause for a while and let the anger pass. Don't resort yourself to shouting and walking out. Every problem can resolve with proper communication. Even if there are no problems existed, never forget to be open with your spouse. Have yourselves spare some time talking and bond. A good communication really leads a relationship to the next level.

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Don't let pride destroy your relationship. Both of you are already adults. You already know how to be humble and understand each other. Pride is a dangerous ingredient in ruining your relationship. Don't let pride ruin the bond you have made throughout the years.

Jealousy is good in a relationship but too much jealousy is dangerous. Too much jealousy can lead to over possessiveness. And this will make your partner to struggle to get out. Jealousy is only used in a little amount to spice the relationship to make your partner feel being loved. If you are the jealous person, work on your insecurities. The problem is not your partner. The problem is within you.

Fixing your marriage is a matter of how dedicated the couple in their marriage. A troubled marriage can be saved. It just needs a lot of effort to do so. Don't lose hope immediately. It is only a struggle both you are in. Let's face it. Obstacles are just part of life. The difference is that you have a partner to get through the obstacle. And after the obstacle will be a happy marriage life with mistakes to learn and memories to remember. Value your marriage and your partner and don't forget to show your love with him/her. Making him/her feel loved all the time will make your spouse be as contented as you are with him/her.

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Every married couple goes through different phases in their marriage. There might be some difficulties in the initial stage but as adjustments are made, the marital bond continues to deepen and develop a strong foundation.

While many of us hear often sad stories about married couples breaking up, the reality is that there are also many couples who experience joy in their relationship despite the hardships that they go through. These people are even the envy of other couples as they show no signs of stress in their marriage and family life. How then are they able to achieve such a positive disposition in their relationship? What could be their secrets to a happy marriage?

Marriage counselors and researchers agree that a person's behavior is a major factor. Relationship experts in a recent study found that a fulfilling relationship is not simply based on hard work on the part of the couples involved but rather attitude has a lot to do with improving the bond for the long term. The study on marriage was funded by the National Institutes of Health and involved 373 couples who were monitored for more than 22 years.

Mutual understanding is one of the secrets to a satisfying marital relationship. As a relationship is as they say a two-way street, both spouses should try to be more understanding of each other's needs. While many studies have pointed to differences in views and opinions, physical incompatibility and communication issues as some of the causes of a marriage breakup, this new study discovered that it's the disappointment in the expectations that can damage the relationship.

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Almost always, couples expect their partners to fulfill their needs and when this is not achieved, frustration results. Marriage and relationship counselors, however, stress the need to share your expectations with your partner rather than keep it to yourself. By opening up what you desire from your spouse and your relationship, both of you will learn to be more understanding of each other's needs.

Expressing your affection is also a sure way to be loved back by your partner. Wives should try to do this more often to their men through words and actions. Unaware to some married women, men actually need to get affirmations from their wives whether it's just a small thing that they did. Give compliments as often as possible to boost your men's confidence.

Having a positive attitude is contagious as well. When one of you does this first, it will surely have a good impact on your partner. And when this situation goes on consistently, chances are it will make both of you feel happier and inspire you as well to keep doing good going forward whatever trials that will come your way.

Finally, set aside quality private time at least once weekly. It doesn't have to be the whole day or half day but even 15 minutes or so will be fine, according to marriage therapists. Make sure to spend this precious time sharing your dreams and plans for your family and your feelings towards each other. Just stay away from topics concerning work and household chores as they're better off discussed in another time.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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There is plenty of advice about marriage out there, and it will all come down to who you ask. If you want quality advice, you need to ask those people that have a very solid and happy relationship. Of course those that had gone through a difficult marriage can also give you wonderful advice about how to manage when times get tough.

While there is plenty of advice about marriage that you can find online, you want to take all of it with a grain of salt. This can be a great starting point, though, for you to realize that you are not alone in your concerns. It can also be just the encouragement you need to seek additional resources or assistance for your own marriage.

Sometimes professional advice about marriage is the way to go. When you talk just to family or friends they tend to take sides on various matters. With an unbiased third party a couple does not have to feel under the microscope. They can talk freely and get quality information that they can use to make their marriage better.

You can pick and choose the advice about marriage that you want to listen to. Not all of it is going to fit what is going on in your own relationship. However, there are some things that everyone should listen to. For example making your spouse a priority, talking problems out, and addressing issues as soon as they come up will make any marriage one that is more blissful.

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