How To Spice Up Love Life With Husband: Things A Woman Can Do To Spice Up The Bedroom

Sometimes, you need to just bare all to spice up your love life and reignite the passion. Spice up your marriage by getting involved in these sexy nude erotic activities and enjoy amazing sex and an intense emotional connection with him like never before!

1. Photograph Nude. Taking a nude photo for his personal boudoir collection is every man's fantasy. Getting nude and handing him the camera will allow him to shoot you as he sees fit, while turning him on every step of the way. For your own personal use, it can show you how much of a sex goddess you truly are - especially when you're daring enough to pose like a Penthouse babe!

2. Nude Massages. Giving him a full body massage while you are both nude is some of the sexiest foreplay available. A nude massage can relax him, and totally prepare him for what's about to come as you slowly knead his stress away and bring him to complete ecstasy. There are an incredible array of sexy oils available at your leisure that can really amp up the mood and make for an incredible experience.

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3. Nude Candlelit Dinner. Eating is the most sensual thing we do next to having sex. Combine the two with a sultry candlelit dinner for two and some soft music. For the purposes of getting more comfortable in the nude and confident in your skin, enjoy a nude meal together. Enhance the experience by serving finger foods you can feed one another and take your time to eat slowly and savor the experience.

4. Sleep Nude Together. Of course you have sex naked, but have you both ever slept nude? Like, literally just laid down under the covers and enjoyed your nudity in slumber? It's an interconnecting experience, especially if you're really into cuddling up next to each other when it's sleepytime. Make it even more sexy and interesting by adding some blindfolds to the experience. I dare you not to feel sexy afterwards.

5. Get some Professional Lingerie Fitted. Professional lingerie fitters are in the service of custom tailoring sensual intimates to your body, style and tastes. They'll know what flatters you and how to make the most of your body, playing up your best assets while minimizing your trouble spots (actual and perceived). If you can't afford a more upscale luxury goods chain for lingerie, a mid level chain such as Frederick's of Hollywood can assist you.

Overall enjoying time together in the nude is a great way to spice up your marriage while making the most of your quality time together. These experiences can improve your relationship and bring pleasure to new heights.

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Trying to get better at understanding men? Here's something that you didn't know: we actually love diamonds. They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but believe it or not, we love diamonds more than you. That does sound pretty crazy, doesn't it? OK, I'll come clean. While we do love diamonds, they're not the same diamonds as you girls love. The diamonds that we love are you, our girlfriend, our wife, our partner. I know you're about to get all mushy on me, but hold it just one second. Few women actually get into the diamond status, so let me explain the qualities that make women a diamond.

1. Everlasting

This is probably the most important thing about being a diamond in our eyes. You have to be everlasting, always there and just that constant in our life. You have to be our anchor and to keep us grounded when we're feeling like the world is against us.

If we choose to get into a relationship with you, we want you to always be there for us. I mean, that's only natural, isn't it? That's what you want as well. Still, it's important to us.

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2. Sparkling

There was one thing that I realized when I was going for one of my jogs around the park one day. Diamonds are beautiful, but they are nothing without their light. Have you ever noticed that in any shop you see diamonds, the lights are always positioned so that there is the most reflection and refraction to make it beautiful?

If you're our diamond, what's the light? In this case, the light is simply the aura that you cast. It's an internal light that makes us admire and respect you. When people try to throw darkness upon you, you simply cut through them with your positivity. That's something else we love.

3. Strong

Diamond is the hardest mineral in the world. Nothing can shatter a diamond. Now, we don't expect you to be the strongest person in the world, but there is a lot to be said about a woman who is extremely strong.

If a woman demonstrates mental, emotional and physical strength, she can stand on her own two feet. An independent woman is a lot more attractive than a woman who is reliant on her man.

If you want to get better at understanding men, just realize that we love diamonds, but not the diamonds that you're thinking of. You're our diamond. If you're strong, sparkling and everlasting, we will be attracted to you and love you that much more.

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You and your partner have been dealing with it for months, maybe even years now, and it has finally come time to put it all on the table so to speak. You have decided that you want to bring in a marriage counselor. What does that mean for you? Are you going to have to share the most intimate of intimate experiences? Will you be able to fix your issues? What kind of things can you expect?

The thought of losing your relationship can be daunting enough, let alone having to couple this with the experience of sharing your thoughts and feelings with a third-party. But what are the benefits, if any? Consider some of the information below about your initial visits to a counseling session and try to give the idea some real thought. Marriage counseling can be a true 'good' when it is fully understood and capable of providing you results, especially when you need them the most.

When you work with a therapist, one of the things you will learn is how to enhance your communication skills within your relationship. This could be openly, for problem solving or to discuss your personal differences in a rational manner. If you both learn how to analyze good and bad things affecting the relationship, you can understand how to resolve your conflicts more easily.

Here are some topics that may arise in a counseling session, but know that you are free to stop talking about any subject that makes you uncomfortable, or if there is no reason to address the issue. Remember, don't fix something that isn't broken.

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Common topics include:

Explaining all of your hopes and dreams, worries, or concerns.

Improving your communication within your relationship

Healing and forgiving after transgressions within your relationship

Identifying disappointments, hurts or hidden angers

Learning how to move on if that is your decision, or if you would like to end your marriage

Exploring the idea of hope, and what you can do to nurture it...

Typically, marriage counseling will not provide answers or advice on how to end your relationship, but instead, provide a safe place and a mediator in order to make sure that both parties are able to clearly explain their feelings and ideas. You also won't be finding opinions on how your counselor feels about your partner or spouse. A marriage counselor is impartial and unbiased and will only serve to help you facilitate communication between the two parties. There is also no 'criticism' section where the counselor tears apart the fallacies of your relationship one by one and helps you lay the blame. This is far from a television drama.

Even if your partner or spouse may not want to do counseling with you, individual counseling for marriage is still extremely helpful! You can consider and manage all the different angles and effects of the people around you, and all the changes that are being made. You can fine-tune your decisions with new eyes on your circumstances. Explore the role you play in your relationship and learn how to grow as a person, in order to better your marriage.

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Here are some areas that need accountability to be successful:If you have a job, you are accountable to your boss to be on time and ready to work, then do a good job while you are there. If you are a renter, you have the responsibility to keep the place clean and to pay the rent on time. If you are a homeowner you have to keep your property neat so the city won't come and clean it for you and charge you for it. Then you have to pay your taxes or you won't have a home any longer.In a relationship, you need to be accountable to each other for what you do and say or you won't get along. For instance, if you spend too much you won't have money for the bills and other things you need that month. If you don't watch what you say, there will always be tension and friction between you. The Bible says we are all accountable to God also for what we do.

Alcoholics Anonymous and its different spinoffs is another accountability forum many people use to get their lives back together. Promise Keepers is a Christian group for men to be accountable as husbands and fathers. But why should we be accountable to anyone? Because without accountability there is anarchy. And if you are accountable you will have a better life because it will hopefully make you think before you do something that will hurt you and possibly others as well. For instance, if you spend too much in one area of your budget you may not have money for food or medicine you need. If you don't think beyond the moment you will always be in trouble, because you don't think about the consequences of your actions. To give you a good glimpse of anarchy, read the book of Judges in the Bible. There are two recurring themes there: 1) The nation of Israel was never happy with what God provided for them. Instead they worshiped idols and did other things against what God had warned them not to do. Each time they had to get to a place of peril before they would repent and come back to God. God gave them rules to follow to help them, not to hurt them. He wanted them to be accountable for their actions. 2) The second theme is this sentence repeated throughout the whole book: "Everyone did what was right in their own eyes". There was chaos when they did this.

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Imagine if there were no laws of any kind in our country. People didn't have to stop at stop signs or signals, they just drove the way they wanted. Someone could rob you or hurt you in some way, and there was no penalty. What kind of country would we have? There would no need for policemen because there would be no laws to enforce.And the end result would be utter chaos.

The same is true in relationships. If you have no accountability in your life, you probably won't have a job or a place to live among a lot of other things. However, if you increase the accountability part of your life, there will be more peace and respect for each other and the people who populate your sphere of influence. You don't have to take it to extremes so that you are not able to do anything without telling someone, but gradually add more accountability in the areas you need it the most, and see what a better life you will have.

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