People with drug and alcohol related problems would need to attend substance abuse awareness classes. Courses either have been mandated by the court system after the individual has ended up with a citation, or they are perfect for the education and recovery of those struggling with addictions. Some people enjoy the format that Alcoholics Anonymous presents, while others would like a private experience. For those that would like anonymity, like teachers, parents, teens or high-profile professionals, online courses are extremely beneficial. The online classes meet most standards that may be prescribed by courts, so will often be approved. These requirements range from offenses related to drugs, such as a minor being found in possession of drugs or alcohol and their consumption, to awareness classes that may be recommended for probation and parole.

Individuals who abuse drugs and alcohol face many problems. The biggest obstacle to overcome is getting the abuser to admit he or she has a problem. Many addicts will lie or make excuses to cover up the addiction. However, if the addiction causes violence, child endangerment or physical abuse, it must be confronted. An example comes to mind from the national news story a few years ago when a mother and her kids were killed in a car accident while she was driving the wrong way on the freeway after a weekend of camping. She was later found to have alcohol and drugs in her body. Her husband said he had no idea she was using and she must have been hiding it from the family. One finds that difficult to believe. Maybe there were pride or embarrassment issues, so that he didn’t want to face taking the problem public. Online classes would have helped to get the conversation going in a quiet, safe, private and low-cost atmosphere before things escalated so out-of-control.

Those with serious addictions who are seeking help with drugs and alcohol often go to rehabilitation centers for help. Online classes try to cater to addicts before the situation escalates to that level. They are can be like preventative maintenance for parents who want to educate their children, corporations who want to keep a sober workforce and for those struggling and needing some additional support. Many want convenience and anonymity as they struggle to recover from these addictions. Online sources are also a good place to find help for relapse prevention. Licensed professional therapists are available during working hours to answer any questions the family or addict might have.

The online classes have many benefits. They are affordable and flexible as they can be taken at any time. They provide a variety of class lengths and one doesn’t have to spend the extra time and money to drive to a distant location for support and instruction. The online lessons also ensure confidentiality, as no one else needs to know that an individual is attending the classes. As long as you get them pre-approved, they can be used to fulfill court mandates when one has already been charged for breaking the law.

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