Many of us complain so much that we are literary worse off because complaining just brings down our energy levels and of people around us.

Learning to stop complaining and starting to enjoy the positive sides of life may not be easy nor fast, but is certainly a journey worth taking, as it leads to a better, more fulfilled, happier life.

Here are some ways that can help you change your nasty habit:

Don’t Give Your Power to Things You Can’t Control

This is simple and straightforward advice. When you complain you give your power away. This is especially true when you complain about things you really can’t change, like how someone else lives their life.

Instead of complaining so much, it is better if you focus and…

Think of What You Want to Happen

As, what you think about tends to manifest much more often than what you don’t think about. Thinking about something is the equivalent of inviting it into your life.

So, instead of complaining about things you can’t change, it is better to…

Focus on What You Are Thankful For

If you focus on things you are thankful for, you will get more of them. For example if you complain that your wife talks too much, but you like her little outbursts of attention towards you, instead of complaining about her talking too much, compliment her for the attention she gives you that makes you feel appreciated.

Over time you will weed out the things you don’t like (the talking), as your mind won’t even be thinking about them. Instead, you will focus on the pleasure your wife’s attention gives you and thus enjoy your life much more.
Of course, there are the things you can control, and to change them all you need to do is to…

Take Action

Because, what is complaining without taking action? What is its purpose? Is it to get yourself and your friends to feel bad?

Or, is complaining useful to try and find a solution? No matter how bad the solution is, go ahead, use it! Act and try to change things you don’t like. When you test something that doesn’t work, you will undoubtedly stumble onto something that does, or at least something that gives better results.

That is why it is important to, instead of complaining…

Assume Responsibility

The only person responsible for your life is you alone, and no one else.

Assume responsibility for good things in your life, but also for the negatives. If you could be proud that you got that promotion or lost some weight or stopped smoking or got a new, awesome girlfriend and are able to attribute all of the success to yourself and your ability, why couldn’t you accept that you are equally responsible for the negative things as you are for the positive ones.

Simply put, own up to your mistakes. They help you grow. Unless you would like more of them to happen, in which case you can just go out and complain about them to your friends the next time you see them.

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Christopher Montrose is an Self Help and Personal Development writer featured all over the internet.

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