Most women who gave birth may experience weakening of pelvic floor muscle. As you know, pelvic muscle supports the bladder, bowel, and uterus. When these parts of the body contract, the organs are lifted and the opening to the vagina, anus, and urethra are tightened. Once the muscles are relaxed, urine and feces can be released from the body. This is how important pelvic floor muscles are.

How Pelvic Floor Muscles Work?

Aside from supporting the bladder, bowel, and uterus, pelvic floor muscles also play a very important role in sexual function. Why do you need to understand how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles? Well, strengthening these muscles can help reduce pelvic pains especially during sexual intercourse. Reducing pain may result to an increase in the ability of achieving pleasurable sensations.

During pregnancy too, pelvic floor muscles also play a very important role in pregnancy by assisting the birthing process.

Techniques on how to strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Some women’s pelvic floor muscles may weaken especially during childbirth. The good thing is that, there are helpful techniques and practices that you can perform so that pelvic muscles will be strengthen and of course to reduce pain during different activities.


Kegels is one of the most common pelvic muscle exercise and the easiest to perform. It’s all about contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles . This is also helpful when you experience urine leaking when you sneeze, laugh, jump, cough, or even when there is strong urge to urinate.


If you do squats, you are engaging the largest muscle of your body and you will have one of the largest payoffs when it comes to strengthening your pelvic floor muscle. It’s also one of the easiest ways in strengthening pelvic floor muscles.


If you are looking for best exercise for glutes, bridge exercise is the most fit and effective. If you performed it correctly, it also helps in strengthening the pelvic floor muscle. Even without carrying weights, the pause and pulse of bridge exercise will have you enjoy it.

How to do it? You can just lie on the floor and spine should be against the floor. Knees should be bent at 90 degrees angle, feet flat, and arms straight at your sides with palm facing down.

Split Table Top

This is a bit interesting where your legs would be challenged to move. Add it with split up if your legs can. This exercise will activate your hips and pelvic floor muscle which will strengthen it, reducing pains in the said area.

So, is your body ready to perform the said techniques? Consult your physician if necessary to assess if you do not have any body complications before performing the said exercise.

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