Everyone has heard of the benefits of using affirmations as a tool to change their lives. However some may find it hard to believe that simply saying affirmations will enable them to make meaningful change in their lives. Maybe they have used them in the past with little success. Well here is a way to supercharge those affirmations and get the most out of them.
Sample Affirmation: I am a winner!
That seems like an easy one right? A simple straight forward affirmation that help you be a winner, right? WRONG! Well wrong without a change in beliefs from you. If you need that affirmation, chances are you don't feel much like a winner. And simply repeating is not going to make you feel like one. In fact in some maybe even most cases, it will actually make you feel worse cause you will feel like you are a liar as well as not a winner. But not to worry, The Action Coach has a TAOism (Taking Action Optimally) tip for you. In order to make that affirmation work for you,here are just a few simple steps.

Step One, think of an occasion (or two or three you get the idea) where you were a winner, doesn't matter what you won...just that you won. It could be a promotion at work, $5.00 lottery ticket..even your third grade spelling bee. We all have won something at some point in our lives.

Step Two, think of how you felt when you found out you won...that rush of exhilaration, the excitement, the walking on air feeling. Think of how you felt when you told people that you won such and such! Bring back as many details as you of that time. Create a mental movie of such clips as you can. Give it a soundtrack...what's your winner's music..maybe you like Eye of the Tiger by Survivor..or maybe old school hip hop is your thing then you can try Kool Moe Dee "I Go to Work" or LL Cool J I'm Bad..more of a new school rap fan, try Eminem's Lose Yourself. These are just a sample of songs to make you feel like a champion!

Step Three, put all of the pieces together. Every time you read, say or see the affirmation I am a winner, play your mental movie. Hear that champion music playing in your head..heck turn on the youtube video. FEEL LIKE A WINNER!! And before you know it, you will have more winning occasions to add to your I'm a winner movie...its time for a sequel!

Author's Bio: 

I am Tiffani Keaton, Life & Clarity Coach. You may be wondering exactly WHAT is a Life & Clarity Coach...and even if you are not, I am going to tell you! What I do is I empower women who are struggling with self esteem issues and women who have lost sight of their personal goals, sense of self worth and/or their life's purpose to stop the madness. I empower them to get out of the confining box they have been in for way too long.

More than a mentor, not quite a therapist, I am an active partner in assisting women in their journey to find that spark. That which inspires them, drives them, fulfills them at a cellular level by creating opportunities for financial freedom so that they can not only live their most fabulous life but also make a positive impact on the world we live in.With over 15 years experience and numerous awards in the customer service field, I can assure you that my people skills are off the chart. Even though my coaching business is less than a year old, I have been informally coaching as long as I can remember. It is my God given talent to be able to listen deeply, ask probing questions, and hold space for someone for accountability in a loving heart centered way.

I am also separated mom of many who enjoys anime, horror movies, music of all kinds and jewelry design. I spend way too much time on Pinterest & Facebook. Feel free to connect with me on any of my numerous social media links