The Success Attitude formula makes achieving your Core Desires simple.

The Success Attitude formula shows you how to unlock and open the door of opportunity.

Success Attitude = (Core Desires + Direction) X Proper Action + Persistence

Without proper action, you can't obtain your Core Desires. A Latin proverb says, "If there is no wind, row." I add, "Row with both oars, but first untie the boat from the dock." The Conquering Force is the power that causes you to take the proper steps, no matter what the risk or how many obstacles you encounter.

Wanting to go to Washington, D.C., and simply selecting the route won't get you there. You've taken some action by reading about all the things to see; you've bought a map and done some calculations, but it isn't enough. You still must get in the car, fill it with gas, and take off. Without the map, you could have a difficult time getting there. Maybe you'd still get lost or get a flat tire. There are always risks associated with any journey, but the potential for problems doesn't stop you from trying, because it's a Core Desire to go on vacation and see the nation's capital.

This attitude of not letting risks and possible problems stop you applies to every area of your life. When you are working toward a genuine Core Desire, fear is not a limiting factor. If you are afraid to do something but do it anyway, does that mean that you are afraid or brave? The answer is both, but it's the Core Desires that make the fear manageable.

My wife and I decided to go to Vail, Colorado, with our two teenage daughters to hike in the Rocky Mountains. It was a beautiful summer day when we parked the car at the lodge and started off hiking. Right away my daughters saw that we could take one of the ski lifts and ride to the top of the mountain to take in the spectacular views.

When they asked if we could take the chair lift, my chest tightened. I'm afraid of heights. Those chair lifts go so high above the ground, and with nothing between me and a long fall but those tiny wooden slats to sit on, I said "Uh-uh." They told me that it was impossible to fall-millions of people ride these lifts with no accidents.

They pleaded, "Please, please, Daddy? It will be beautiful up there." Because my Core Desire was to please my daughters and to have a wonderful experience with them, I took the chair lift to the top.Was I scared? Absolutely. I was terrified. But I did it anyway, thanks to my Conquering Force.

Be careful not to confuse hard work with proper action. There are millions of hardworking people who have never enjoyed the pleasures of focusing on and living with the success of attaining genuine Core Desires. Some people say the harder you work the luckier you get. But when you are doing the right work, you get even luckier. Many people spin their wheels, producing a lot of action and effort but no real results. They keep working and staying busy but never seem to get ahead. Because they keep doing what they have always done, their lives stay the same.

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