“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” - Albert Einstein

Everyone was born with the magical power of intuition. Intuition is a clear flow of information that is available to you that is aligned with your authenticity, highest path and purpose. Intuition is one of the most amazing resources at your disposal. Yet so many people don't tap into it let alone rely upon it.

Heeding the wisdom of your intuition will help you avoid roadblocks and unwanted detours as you create your life experience. So why do so many people either ignore or throw their intuition, that gut instinct, down the proverbial garbage disposal? What makes a person go against intuition, their 'better instincts' in favor of another choice that never results in a good outcome?

“I feel there are two people inside me - me and my intuition. If I go against her, she'll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” - Actor, Kim Basinger

What some people refer to as 'me' is not really who they are. The 'me' they refer to is that monkey mind of thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from expressing your highest potential. That monkey mind is your well-meaning yet woefully misguided Inner Critic.

Your intuition is a reflection of your True Self, the generative force of what I playfully call your Moxie power.

Review the events of your life. Do you remember times when you had an intuitive insight that what you were about to do wasn't a good choice? Did you go ahead and act on that choice anyway? What was the result? Was there a time when you listened to and acted upon that calm gut instinct? What was the resulting experience?

It is important to note that there is a clear distinction between a calm, knowing intuitive thought and a thought based in fear and self-doubt. The latter will not feel good. Instead of a clear gut feeling your will feel a little sick to your stomach, frightened. Pay attention to how you feel to determine whether you are paying attention to the fearful Inner Critic or the intuitive True Self.

Now that you are mindfully aware of the power of intuition that is your birthright you have a higher level of responsibility for the consequences of your choices. Your intuition will always tell you clearly that any given circumstance is not in alignment with your truth, your highest good. Sometimes what your intuition tells you to do is not the easiest choice. It is at that moment that some people chose to listen to the Inner Critic who offers a path of least resistance, a choice that is easier, less 'scary'.

Tapping into your intuition to weigh in on your choices and decisions takes guts - your Moxie power! Perhaps that's why the voice of your intuition, your inspiration is called a gut instinct.

When you were born you tapped into your intuition effortlessly. Constantly paying attention to the inner wisdom of your authentic self you playfully explored your new environment. You learned and grew at an amazing speed. However, as your world expanded you began to seek guidance from external resources rather than by tapping into your intuition. Most children are not taught to rely on the wisdom and knowledge of their higher self. Instead, they are taught that they don't know much of anything yet and must rely upon the wisdom of other people, other external resources. As these children grow up they forget that there is an infinite stream of knowledge and guidance already at their fingertips. Even children are aware of this intuitive resource they often ignore it in favor of the "should do and think" guidance of others.

The well-meaning wisdom of others often is the collective voice of the fears and self-doubts of the conditioned spirit. Often this advice is centered upon what cannot be done instead of what can be. This 'play it safe' mentality is the embodiment of the Inner Critic. The Inner Critic is very confused about your truth and the truth of what it fears. It is not in alignment with your purpose, your passion, and will drown out the voice of your intuition as a result of this fear.

The flow of information that is in alignment with your truth and your passions is available to you at all times. All you have to do to access this powerful asset is to ask what your True Self want in a particular situation. Muster up your Moxie to center yourself, perhaps with a little deep and slow breathing, to quiet the chatterbox Inner Critic. Out of the stillness will come the voice of your intuition, your muse, the voice of your innate wisdom.

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