In case you got stuck in a toy chest, Toy Story 3 is one of the biggest hits of the year. Why not throw a Toy Story Party to celebrate the film's success and pay tribute to one of America's favorite franchises? It's easier than you think.

Decorating is simple, just make the party room look a lot like a kids' room as possible. If you have children, or if you rent or borrow some, let them draw pictures with crayons. Hang the pictures on the wall, but make sure they hang at fun angles. You can also place Space Ranger and Cowboy posters like the ones Andy has in the movie. Streamers are a colorful decoration that you can put up to add a bit of playfulness to a room.

Toys do not eat, but your guest will certainly like. Start with toy foods like these amazing Play Dough Cookies. Other good snacks to list include colorful candies like Skittles and M & Ms and general party food like chips and salsa (not everything you serve has to be a toy theme).

If you want to serve pizza, you can make your own box or at least just tell everyone that it is delivered from Pizza Planet, Andy's favorite pizza place in the movie. You can also serve burgers, hot dogs or french fries with foreign (green) ketchup from Heinz.

If you feel up to it, or if there are not too many guests, you can have each person make their own Mr. Potato Head. This involves buying more potatoes, luckily they are cheap and baking them before hand. Using various toppings, you can make pieces that can be added to the potatoes. Olives can be used for eyes, sour cream can give a toothy smile, and a nose can be made from a piece of green onion. These are just a few examples and you can probably think of more. This also makes a great activity if you need something that guests can do in a few minutes.

There are lots of activities that you can plan for a Toy Story party, and most of them are both cheap and fun.

Attach the badge to Woody
Print an inflated image of Woody. You can do this in a printer, or you can enlarge the image on your computer and print it on multiple sheets of paper. Hang the picture on the wall. To protect your paint or wallpaper, consider mounting the picture on a piece of wood or cardboard. Give each participant a paper badge, have them write their name on it, and then blindfold them and see if they can put the badge in the right place with a piece of tape. Be sure to place Woody at an appropriate height for your guests.

Etch A Sketch competition
This activity may cost a little more than the others, but you can do it with just one Etch A Sketch if you want to save money. Has an image, an easily recognizable character like Woody or Buzz works well that anyone can try to copy. You can set up Etch A Sketch at a table and have guests try their hand at making a copy throughout the party. The goal is to etch the best recreation of the image. You can leave a camera at the table so people can record their work. Having an award for the best drawing is a great way to get people to participate.

Army Men hunting
Do you remember the little green armies from when you were a child? If you still have them, now's a great chance to use them for a fun game. If you do not have one, they are readily available in toy stores and online. Designate an area, either a room, an enclosed yard or the entire house, as the area for the game. Before the party guests arrive, hide as many armies as you want in the area. The more armies you hide, the longer the game will take. Have each person gather as many armies as they can so the winner gets a prize. You can also get the participants to keep the soldiers, which means that the most successful hunter gets the most soldiers.

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There are lots of activities that you can plan for a Toy Story party, and most of them are both cheap and fun.