Today’s advancements in technology stimulate the evolution of indoor gardening. Nowadays, you can buy a complete technological set to substitute the natural environment for your growing plants. When designing a grow room for your cannabis plants you should consider your budget first. As this becomes a fast-growing trend the market is overwhelmed with a variety of products and you’ll need to choose them wisely.

Future cultivators that are looking for a good system for their indoor garden should try following these simple steps for an efficient start.
Find a Suitable Place

If you are planning to construct a big garden you probably already have a special constructed place or a spare room. For those of you who are not starting this big, there are wisely designed inventions for indoor growing cannabis.

However, you should carefully consider the space needed and the exact spot for the installation of the system. Before setting up, you should take in consideration that this is a rather permanent place for your plants. Moreover, relocating is not recommended after the process of growth has started.

You ought to clean this place thoroughly.

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Choose your Perfect Tent

Selecting a proper grow tent for your plants is a crucial starter. These tents are affordable and very convenient since they are usually adjusted to fit all the equipment needed. Whatever your budget, grow space size or level of experience is, you can find a marijuana tent that works for you.

Consider that there are two options when deciding to buy a tent as a grow space:

1. A tent that comes as an all-in-one marijuana grow-box kit. This kit will provide everything you need to start growing marijuana at home. These typically include a grow tent, grow light, ventilation systems, pots, nutrients, measurement tools.

2. A Single tent that is waterproof and lightproof and has all the adjustments made to place other equipment easily. This option is more recommended if you aim for a better-quality grow space. Therefore, you can choose the rest of the equipment separately as to perfectly meet your specific needs.

Set up the Lightning

A grower should plan their lighting system around the infrastructural options they already have available. Choosing the perfect lightning depends on the design of the grow room.

Lightning is the essential component for growing plants indoors having in mind that it’s the only source of energy for them to grow and feed. Cannabis plants require strong and bright lights. Therefore, more light is always better!

Perhaps, the most efficient way to begin planning your grow room lightning is to consider the initial costs versus energy demands. The lightning energy usage in your grow room directly translates into the power bill. You can choose from a wide variety of different lightning systems depend on your needs. The most commonly used are: CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), HID (High-Intensity Discharge), HPS (High-Pressure Sodium), LED (Light-emitting Diode) etc.

Some of these are expensive to buy but are energy efficient such as LEDs. Hence, what you spent at first you can save later. They are highly recommended because of all the colour shades that they can provide for plants to thrive. They are recommended to be used for enhancement of the quality of the plant in every way possible:

• Ultraviolet - UVB is said to increase THC levels in cannabis
• Blue - helps cannabis plants grow robust leaves
• Green - improves plant responses: stomatal control, phototropism
• Red – promotes flowering and budding, helps cannabis plants grow tall
• Far-Red - Promotes flowering and increases the concentration of cannabinoid the non THC component used to produce CBD oil ( where to buy CBD oils )
When setting up the lighting system you should always consider the distance between the plants and the lights. There is no place for mistake here so make sure you position them right. If you place them too close you risk an overexposure on light, leading to complete destruction of the plants.

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Once you set up the lightning you can proceed to choose the best possible ventilation. Plants need fresh and cool air in order for them to grow healthier and stronger. Humid, stale air and poor airflow can cause problems with bugs.

You need to consider providing a correct and complete ventilation kit for your tent. The size of your growing space and lights will dictate the type of fans you will need to install. For ideal ventilation set up, you will probably need more than one fan, since they are designed for different requirements and uses. Here are some of the must-haves:
1. Intake fan
Air should be exchanged every 1-2 minutes in order to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity. Therefore, intake fan contributes to air circulation by bringing fresh, oxygen-rich air into the growing space.

2. Exhaust fan
Exhaust fans create the necessary climate conditions for proper plant development, directly affecting the success of the different stages of the crop. The key element in air management is the extract of oxygen-deficient air from the growing space.

3. Ventilation ducts (exhaust/intake)
These are available in all sorts of materials, ranging from aluminium and PVC to more sophisticated lining. Moreover, they are used for eliminating the odours and the hot air.

4. Active carbon filter
A must-have if you are growing highly-aromatic strains and your neighbourhood is not as enthusiastic about cannabis as you are. The filter effectively absorbs smells through the active carbon.

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