As you have probably heard, spending countless hours each week sitting at a desk in front of a computer is no good for your posture, your back, your neck, or even your waistline for that matter.

With more and more people now working sedentary jobs, chiropractors are in higher demand than ever before and obesity levels are on the increase.

Now, to combat the ill-effects of staying stationary for too long, and sitting for too long with poor posture, exercise and physical activity is encouraged, but is this enough? Most experts agree that, no, it is not.

To combat the ill effects of sitting for too long, people are being encouraged to use standing desks instead.

Standing desks are basically adjustable desks that you work at whilst standing, as opposed to sitting. To help you get more from your standing desk, here’s a look at a few tips on how to use your standing desk correctly.

Don’t stand all day

Those that are unfamiliar with standing desks, will be forgiven for assuming that in order to use the desks, you spend every single hour of your working day standing at your desk. This is not the case.

In order to get the most from your standing desk, you are encouraged to alternate between periods of standing and periods of sitting.

If you sit for too long, your upper body tends to suffer whereas if you stand for too long your lower body suffers.

Experts recommend that you alternate between periods of standing and sitting.

If you’re new to standing desks, aim for 30 minutes sitting and 30 minutes standing to begin with, gradually increasing the frequency of your standing as you grow more accustomed to it.

Try to move more

Even when standing at your desk, you are still encouraged to move more and to become more active to get the most from the desk.

Too much standing will put your lower body joints under a lot of pressure, your feet will hurt, and you won’t be burning calories so you’re more susceptible to weight gain.

To get the most from your standing desk, try to move more and get some gentle exercise, even if it simply means walking around the office a few times each hour.

Invest in comfortable footwear

In reality, you should always purchase comfortable footwear anyways, whether you plan on using a standing desk or not.

If you are using a standing desk, though, it is strongly recommended that you invest in comfortable footwear.

If you’re standing for hours at a time, your feet may begin to ache slightly. If you are wearing uncomfortable footwear, the aches, pains, and discomfort will set in much quicker, and this will hinder your work.

If you’re trying to focus on your job, but all you can think about is the pain that your feet are in because of the shoes you’re wearing, your productivity levels will suffer and you’ll get far less done.

Invest in ergonomic accessories

Finally, to really get the most from your standing desk, experts recommend that you invest in ergonomic accessories.

Monitor mounts for example, are very important as they will enable you to adjust the height of your monitor so that it’s at correct eye level. Incidentally, the top of the screen should be at eye level and a monitor mount will help you to achieve exactly that.

Floor mats are also very important, as an anti-fatigue floor mat will help to reduce the strain placed upon your joints and your lower body whilst standing.

Ergonomic chairs are also very important. Remember, to get the most from your standing desk you should alternate between standing and sitting. When sitting, an ergonomic chair will be much more forgiving on your joints and will help improve posture.

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Rick Tinderman has always been interested in ergonomic life style and he now owns a small business selling standing desks & accessories to help customers work more healthily and productively. To get more info about workplace & home office furniture, please feel free to visit Solos desk website.