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As you may have observed, dreams to many, are usually considered as nothing more than non-sensical/un-reasonable images of the mind with not much value… of truth, this has already – since ancient times to now, been proven to not be truth! (except for when the dream is unpleasant, like a nightmare, or even overly pleasing - then we attach lots of value to the dream for some reason… ever wonder why?) When we make time to delve into the language of symbols used by our dreams, we can gain insight into the mysterious operations of the unconscious/subconscious and superconscious minds. It’s because of dreams usually not obeying the same laws that govern our waking life, while at the same time ignoring our usual logic, that we find our dreams confusing.

Dreams are actually a portal to your inner consciousness. Dream activities are like having one’s own personal inter-communications system for transmitting and receiving vital messages between your inner and outer consciousnesses. Did you know that you can program your dreams to send healing to your physical body, intentionally direct your dreams to continue where the dream left off, program your dreams to warn you of dangers ahead, have your dream repeat itself when you fail to remember all parts, and more valuable accomplishments which often defy imagination? - (more of which will be mentioned later). Dreams are definitely an amazing aspect of the mind.

While some dreams are not much to be directing one’s energies toward, many dreams are definitely important…(this is one reason why people have gone insane when they are deprived of their REM; Rapid Eye Movement; dreamtime sleep) Therefore it is of value to consider sifting the wheat from the chaff and learning how to decipher this universal language of symbols.

When worked with patiently dreams will help one be more aware of :
• their virtues and hidden potential
• their ego problems and other personality aspects needing improvement
• solutions to problems and
• the actual connection we all have to the Supreme Intelligence – The Divine Essence of All That Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be

Sleep research has shown that 1/3 of our lives is spent sleeping and 20% of that 1/3 is spent dreaming. Within 8 hours of sleep; at least 2 of those hours cumulatively are disbursed in dream states of being… therefore equating to over 150,000 dreams within approximately 5 years of a 75 year old being spent in dreams. Everyone has dreamed while living on this earth plane of awareness, however, everyone is not at a degree to remember their dreams or even accept that they have dreams. Our memory of REM sleep can also be obstructed or distracted by certain foods eaten close to time of sleeping, anti-depressants or other medicines, coffee, diet pills, nicotine, or from being too exhausted at the time we first lay down to go to sleep. There are those however, who do not dream… or at least in the usual sense, because they have through years of spiritual disciplines, self-awareness, self-control, etc. have reached an advanced level of freedom from tensions and attachments, and of a sufficient attainment of clear mindedness. This of course takes years of particular spiritual disciplines being practiced without a multitude of negative distractions.

Those not remembering any dreams are losing awareness of a considerable portion of their lives. If everyone interested in self-realization were to keep dream diaries of themselves, they would not have to entertain themselves with fictional writings and mysteries, etc., which haven’t been written with value towards a direction towards ascension. To study one’s own self ~ by reading, studying, and observing your dreams is more than enough interesting material directed toward your personal growth to keep you busy and growing emotionally, mentally and spiritually at the same time.

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Shakeenah Kedem is a service oriented entrepreneur, and an Alternative Health Entrepreneur and Akashic Researcher living in the Northwest region of Arkansas, USA. Studying and practicing alternative healing methods for over 25 years and pendulum divining for over 5 years. She has developed her own method of interpreting dreams by working attentively with the dreamer. Visit now, to discover a healthy, spirit-filled resource of information and services.