How Will I Know When It's Time To Reconcile With My Husband During Separation: Average Length Of Separation Before Reconciliation

Marriage separation is resorted to by many couples for three major reasons: it can give them perspective on their marriage, it is a step towards divorce and it can enhance their marriage. Marriage separation has a therapeutic value, which can actually strengthen a marriage if done correctly for the correct reasons and if clear agreements are present right from the very start.

Marriage separation could be done at any stage of the union and in fact, being done by an increasing number of couples. However, many people still considers that something is wrong if a married couple decides to live separately and it has been demonstrated that the process is used mostly by partners who are at their breaking point. Usually, various tactics and interventions to improve the marriage have been done already and they are now at a stage where there seems to be no options left but to split, separate physically and then divorce.

However, instead of a means to an end, marriage separation could help to keep a couple together. This idea would seem counterintuitive, when the relationship is fragile and the marriage in trouble. Most people think that when one of the spouses is slipping away, the couple should unify more, get close to each other as much as they can and think of more ways to allow the marriage to work.

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To enhance the union more through a marriage separation, here are some guidelines to follow:

* Consider a support from third party- although there are couples who can do it on their own, it is recommended that some kind of third party who is neutral be sought, to aid in facilitating the process. It can get complicated, especially if the intervention is done while some kind of tension or issues between the spouses is present. A third party could be a rabbi, therapist, mediator, lawyer or clergy.

* Set expectations that are reasonable and clear- it is a must that you set some ground rules to maintain some form of trust among the parties involved. If one spouse is expecting to have everyday communication while the other does not, there could be some hurt feelings. By knowing what should be expected, this kind of situation could be avoided.

* Establish your goals- never assume that both you and your spouse share a common goal. There really must be an agreement on the intention to enhance the union while on a marriage separation.

* Keep your communication regular- if there is no contact for a long period of time, the marriage separation could actually hurt the connection between you and your spouse. Instead of the idea that the absence will make the heart grow fonder, the situation may very well turn to out of mind because you are out of sight.

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It is very rare for couples to go in for marital Counseling unless they are very close to considering divorce or till matters have deteriorated to such an extent, that they are not sure whether they can go on with the marriage. Fortunately there are also quite a few couples who consider that they will benefit from talking to a professional counselor when they find that there are issues in their marriage that can become major problems. The most sensible of couples choose to consult a counselor even before they get married. Even though others may find this strange, it does give the couple the confidence to make lifelong commitments with the knowledge that they have done everything that they could to start off their marriage in the correct way.

This sort of premarital Counseling encourages an exchange of views with all openness and honesty and thus enables the couple to get over any obstacles that they envisage or which they fear may arise later. When couples are engaged, the environment of the counselors office allows personal issues to be discussed safely and prevents these from becoming things that could affect the marriage. Here they can discuss what each person has in mind for the future and what goals they have for their future as a couple. It makes sense for a couple to discuss what they see as goals for the future, their individual career aspirations, whether they are planning a family and where they want to live. Such conversations that are frank can discuss all aspects of married life, and help a couple to strengthen their relationship by establishing areas where their thinking shows commonality and other areas where their divergent views may require compromises based on discussions.

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While such dreams and feelings are shared, the counselor is able to gain an insight into the contentious issues that can arise in the married life of a couple and thus suggest ways that are constructive that can help to overcome them. Arguments can come up among couples who are loving, happy and secure and as long as these do not lead to lead to breakdown in relationships, they need not be a cause of concern. Counseling can help couples to learnt how to resolve conflicts in a practical way by confronting the causes of their arguments and endeavoring towards making sure that they do not recur.

Married couples can benefit from visits to a professional who is into marital Counseling even if they are not newly wed and have been together for 40 years. Marital Counseling is not a guarantee that the end result will be a happy one. There have been instances when even after years of therapy, couples may still decide that it is best for them to divorce or go in for separation. But then there have also been a number of marriages that have been saved by Counseling and where couples have decided to stay together. When you look for such professional help it is best to go to a counselor whom as a couple you feel comfortable with and here recommendations from friends or family who have used such services can come in handy. If the initial visits have you still feeling uncomfortable, probably it is best you consider changing the counselor. It is better to put in some effort at this stage as something very important like a marriage is at stake.

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When a Christian marriage is not going well, some couples choose to go through a biblical separation. This simply means living apart for a period of weeks or months while the couple goes through counseling and prayer - usually with the help of a Christian psychologist or counselor - to try to reconcile the marriage.

The Bible speaks out against divorce. As an alternative to divorce, it is common in our culture to seek marriage separation if things get particularly rough in a marriage. In these cases, Christian couples will sometimes seek separation as a way to avoid divorce while trying to determine how to best bring the family back together in a happy way.

In any event, going through marriage separation can be very hard on a married couple, as well as on any children they have together.

Here are 3 steps to reconciliation from a biblical marriage separation:

1. Consult with your pastor, preacher, or spiritual counselor: During the period of separation, it is important to not simply let time go by while letting things heal on their own. In most cases, marital problems will not go away without the assistance of a pastor, preacher or psychologist helping guide the way.

2. Pray for guidance: Prayer can be of great assistance in helping a family to guide itself back to a place where the couple can reconcile its separation.

3. Find out what your spouse really wants: While separated, focus not only on your own unmet needs, but those of your spouse, as well. Remember, the needs of both of you will need to be met if you are to be happy in your marriage.

Reconciliation from a biblical marriage separation can sometimes be the very best next step in getting on with your lives. Follow these 3 steps to increase the chances of a successful reconciliation.

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If your husband has recently left you then you are in an emotional mess. This is a painful time in your life that feels like your whole world is crashing down on you. The good news is here is simple yet powerful advice to get your husband back to start easing the pain.

"The first step to get your husband back is to collect yourself and calm down. Right now you may be feeling hurt and angry and calling your husband may only hurt your relationship further if you begin arguing. Use this time to cool down and collect your thoughts.

Begin to think back to when your marriage was good and try to pin-point where things started to go wrong. Make a list of things that contributed to your separation and see if you are able to change any of those.

These changes will show your husband you are serious about your marriage and are willing to make changes. The second step is to make contact with him. Both of you have had time to cool down and think about your marriage so reach out to him.

This can be done by a phone call or email. Some people prefer email for the first communication because it allows them to express what they want to say more freely without the face to face pressure. Word of caution, do not place blame here. You want to speak in a calm manner letting him know you still love him."

Once you begin talking again ask him out for lunch or dinner at one of your favorite spots. Be that person he fell in love with when you first met.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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