Are you tired of continuously trying but never succeeding? Do you sometimes feel that the harder you try the further you get from your perceived destination? It's not because you don't have enough willpower or because you are lacking something. It's because your subconscious beliefs, thought patterns, and emotions don't support your conscious wishes and desires.

The beliefs that you hold are the foundation of the perception that you have of yourself and the world around you.

When you consciously set a goal but are never able to achieve it, you know that something is incongruent between your present state and the future where you see yourself. The conflict is between your conscious and subconscious beliefs. And it's the subconscious that holds the key to your success. If you want real and long term change, you want to work with your subconscious mind.

How you view yourself is a reflection of your beliefs. How other people treat you is a reflection of how you treat yourself. Even though most of you subconscious beliefs are hidden from your conscious awareness, these are constantly sending out signals to your environment and shaping how other people view and treat you. You’re not a victim of other people but your own negative beliefs that sabotage your progress.

There are usually two ways we can go about achieving our goals or—living our lives; one is with ease and the other is through hardship. The difference between the two is that in the first we are supported by the subconscious mind and in the second we are hindered by it.

Becoming conscious of the unconscious and learning to bring our mind (thoughts) and body (emotions) into alignment will most definitely help us close the gap between our subconscious beliefs and our conscious desires. Once we understand the underlying beliefs that form our habits and behaviours, we can instead make a conscious decision as to what we want. It all starts with becoming aware and conscious of our choices in every moment.

Real change happens from within. When we are able to transform our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviours, we create a vibrational change within us, which will then ripple out to the external environment and change our subjective reality. Our environment provides feedback as to where we are at any given moment in our lives. We can look at our environment as an extension of our inner world (our mental and emotional state) which gives us an accurate reflection of our personal progression and how we are evolving through our life experiences.

Your perception of yourself and the world around you shapes the life experience you currently have. By recognising this and consciously changing your subconscious beliefs, you will have new and different thoughts and emotions, which ultimately leads to a new life experience and a change in your external reality.

Author's Bio: 

Emese Bodi is the founder of Shifting Perception, a life coaching company based in West-London. Her main focus is on Career, Emotion and Relationship coaching. To find out more about her, please visit her website: