The unconscious mind is that part of the human mind that handles a lot mental processes which the individual is never aware of especially at the time they occur. The unconscious mental processes include unconscious feelings, thoughts, attitudes, skills, unnoticed perceptions, automatic reactions, desires, hidden phobia and so on. These processes do take place in your unconscious mind without you being aware of their occurrence. They can go a long way to influencing your conscious thoughts.

The ways your unconscious mind influences your conscious thought vary according to the various unconscious processes. In most cases, you may not even notice the influence at first sight but after a while, you will begin to wonder what is actually happening to you.

There are many instances influencing the conscious thought. For instance, if you suddenly fail to deal with a particular problem on the conscious realm, after a while, you can come up with an idea that can help you solve the problem. The idea usually comes like a flash. It will be seemed as if you just stumbled upon something good. In most cases, you are likely to solve that particular problem when you engage the idea that has been generated in the mind.

Your unconscious mind can easily influence the way you think concerning various issues. If you are thinking of ways to succeed in life, you can come up with useful ideas which can be very helpful. At first, you may not know how those ideas come to you. This is because; they are usually harnessed in the unconscious realm. If you go ahead to put those ideas to use, you are sure to succeed in paving your way to success.

The unconscious mind can actually influence your conscious thought positively or negative. It all depends on what you feed your mind with. If you are the type that think and act negatively, you will be loaded with all manners of negative principles. Before you know what is happening, negative and unholy ideas will begin to well up in your conscious mind.

In the same vein, if you fill your mind with positive thoughts and attitudes, you can easily pick them. From time to time, your conscious mind will be greatly influence positively. This can take you to greater heights on the road to success.

Meanwhile, it is good to know that the unconscious mind is always very active irrespective of the fact that you may never know. It acts as a child monitoring what you are doing or thinking on moment by moment basis. It has lots of magnetic properties that record the kind of attitude you portray. If you do watch dirty movies, the images will be recording in your mind without you knowing it. The same scenario applies when you listen to motivational messages or when you watch motivational videos. Whichever way, your unconscious mind goes ahead to store a lot of information and also uses them to influence your conscious thought when you least expect.

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