I have had the privilege of learning to look outside the box. I would like to share this amazing tool that I have learnt which can and will change your life forever. Over the last 5 years my life changed dramatically. If you think about your current lives, most of you will notice a routine of how and when you do things. Some of you will not be able to see a routine and others like to do things spontaneously.

If now, you look back at your life, you will realise that at a certain point in your life, you learnt this behaviour from someone you admired/primary carer as well as your religious beliefs. I know I learnt to have a routine from my dad. The man who has been very important in my life and still is.

Back to the story, my life changed in 2005. In a nut shell, time keeping, watch (without which I am lost) and routine of my life was challenged and left me in a state of uncertainty, panic and fear of unknown. I accepted these changes very quickly and adapted to new life (or so I thought).

Over the years, my circumstances kept changing. A lot happened in my life from status change within my culture, social circle and my personal circumstances but I accepted all these changes as quickly as I could make sense of them and let go of my past. Some people call it slaying their demons.

In 2008, I decided to change profession and train as a counsellor. For the first time I was put in situations where I had to be honest with myself and re-evaluate my thinking and belief system. It took me months before I was able to accept, yet a newer me.

The counselling training helped me with self-awareness but also taught me psychological labelling and boxes to put people in (a conditioning which we have been brought up with and consider as normal). Then in 2009, I decided to take a step further and train as an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life coach. This training changed my thinking and belief system yet again. I learnt that labels are simple way of conditioning and an easy way out. I learnt that everyone has issues and we are all different. Accepting this, I was able to see people as individuals and not labels.

I learnt that when we have a problem, we condition ourselves by saying that it is going to be hard to change. The word ‘Problem’ in my understanding, is a conditioning word = hard, difficult, might not be possible, failure and fear. So I ask you to change the word ‘Problem’ with ‘Issue’. Issue is not so scary word and it gives us the hope = hope of possibilities, can do attitude and failure doesn’t sound as scary.

So how can words help a person to ‘Change’?

The answer is ‘NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)’. NLP is the most powerful tool that if used appropriately can help re-frame from using the scary words to words which makes the change happen. When I see clients, all of them have answers to their issues when they are describing it. I am able to recognise them, note down those solutions, and make my clients aware of those words/solutions using NLP.

So why do I need hypnosis when NLP can make the changes?

Hypnosis helps the client to relax their conscious mind. Conscious mind is what makes the changes harder and most importantly holds the fear of unknown. Once the client is relaxed, s/he is able to concentrate on the issue in hand and change their thinking/believes to make those changes.

Hence Hypnotherapy and NLP works quicker than conventional medicine and therapies.

Author's Bio: 

Mohammed is a qualified and registered Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life coach who works with the philosophy of 'You can, you will'. He has been in holistic therapy for 2 years and loves his work.