Earlier this week I received this message in my in-box; Your Effort Is A Portrait of Yourself. It got me thinking about a lot of things. I remember reading that Colonel Sanders knocked upon one thousand doors before the recipe behind KFC was recognized as having potential. I also recall a Tony Robbins equation - Massive Action = Massive results.

There are innumerable people on Twitter who tweet similarly intended motivational messages daily (or even every 10 minutes of the day!) If you subscribe, you can be literally bombarded with motivational messages which tell you that you can do it, whatever "it" means to you. And they are all true. You can do it, so long as you really, really want to and have the enthusiasm to keep on going, like Colonel Sanders.

The majority of people who purchase self help products or "get rich quick" schemes do not even use them. In fact I heard a statistic the other day which took my breath way; 89% do not use them. Wow! The fact is that only 3 percent of people reach the elite status of becoming an "over-achiever" to the degree of founding KFC, Yahoo, McDonalds or Ford. These people have certain things in common; a talent to identify a niche, the foresight to identify how to create leverage so as to create that niche and achieve success, a little luck in being in the right place at the right time, and a pig headedness which prevents them from giving up!

Far more than 3% of us dream of achieving that success. The other 94% of the 97% who purchase these products which promote systems of success strategy dream in this way. Once the product has been purchased, a decision is made between input and potential output and the desire to succeed is prone to wither and die - rapidly. This brings me back to the fact that your effort is a portrait of yourself.

If you have bought one of those products and not used it, please don't feel bad. If you were meant to have used it you would have. Sometimes you are in too comfortable a place to really want to go that extra mile; sometimes you just feel happier in your familiar surroundings. I know this to be true; I often weigh up the pros and cons of running out of the door and playing a game of golf against the need to write another article so as to promote my business; the weather can often dictate the result!

For me the desire to achieve success as an internet marketer has become a matter of principle. I know that anyone who starts out in an attempt to attract business on the World Wide Web suddenly becomes a very, very, tiny sprat in a huge, enormous, humungous, ocean, where the rules are an unknown factor. That's not an easy place in which to start. But with a belief in your product and sufficient desire to work at it (and not spend your days playing golf!) the WWW also provides infinite opportunities.

In this case your effort truly is a portrait of yourself. It tells a tale about how comfortable you are where you are and how much you are willing to put in to the tantalizing visions of success. Your effort will reflect your belief in yourself, your belief in your products, your belief in other peoples need for your products, and also in your own desire/need to succeed.

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