Somewhere hidden amongst my emails this week, I received this motivational message, the contents of which kept popping back into my mind.

Your Effort Is A Portrait of Yourself

Why is your effort such a true portrait of yourself? And have you thought about how very much your level of effort tells others about you as a person?

I suspect that very few people really think about the hidden messages which we provide for others to read in many different ways. We pay lip service to the concepts of body language and Freudian Slips, but a small and almost insignificant fraction of people really notice the messages which are clearly beamed out by everyone around us. Not only do we miss the majority of the more subtle signals, we are frequently adept at ignoring messages which are quite literally spelled out to us.

In terms of the effort which we put into something there are a couple of basic facts which should be paid attention to. Human beings invariably do what they want to do; and the more we want to do something, the more effort we will put into that thing. If a person's effort is half-hearted it is because their desire is exactly that - half hearted. If a persons effort is great one moment and not so great in the next moment it is likely that they are in two minds about the current agenda.

Whilst we are aware of using these phrases, we are less aware of the true insight which such terminology reflects. It is as if we know it, and yet do not want to really know it, if you see what I mean. In relationship issues we often see this phenomena; and aren't we good at making excuses for our other halves?! "He's had a bad day", "It's that time of the month", "his mother made him like this", and so on; these are the phrases we are familiar with using, but we are less willing to be perceptive about their long term effect.

If you do not tap into your natural perceptions and your inborn ability to be intuitive, and do something about it, you are leaving yourself open to the consequences of letting things ride. In relationships it is important to talk. We know this, but do we do it? If you don't talk to your spouse about the things which are on your mind, you should ask yourself "why not"? Why are you afraid to talk things out?

In relationship issues, a person's emotional mind can easily over-ride the logical and rational thinking part of your mind. But if you were to compare the effort which you put into talking through things in your relationship with the effort that you put into your business, is it equal? I suspect not, and yet when the chips are down, it is your personal life which has more impact upon your emotional well-being than anything else in your environment.

I'm not saying that you should treat your intimate relationships as a business transaction; but there are aspects of communication which would be very useful if you were to choose to employ them.

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