We are each born with a purpose to fulfill during our lifetimes. It is something that we tend to have a natural attraction and aptitude for. When we do that thing, time stands still. We do it because we love it, and we love it as we do it. It is our passion, our life's work and our life's purpose. Unfortunately, many of us allow that passion to be covered up. Lack of support from family and friends, taking a different route in life, or lack of belief that we can be successful often stop us from doing it. Sometimes, our passion has been covered up and unattended so long that we have to remember what it was (re-member, as in re-join or re-connect with it).

Here are some ways you can begin to re-member your life's purpose and successfully, re-integrate it into your life, and if you choose to do so, to earn income with it so you’ll never feel like you are working again!

1. Read All About It

Today, there are magazines, newsletters and websites for just about any activity. Everything from walking and public speaking to stamp collecting and math has a readership. Online video is also a great way to see others engaged in your life’s work. To begin to re-member your purpose, get re-acquainted with it and to catch up on the latest news and breakthroughs, start by doing a little reading or watching online videos about it.

2. Find People Who Share Your Passion

Internet groups, local clubs, meet ups, classes, and networking events related to your life’s purpose are great places to meet other people who love what you love. Don't get embarrassed or concerned that you will be labeled weird for what you are doing. People that pursue their passion are significantly happier than the people that criticize them for doing so.

Create new friendships with those that love what you love. Work with them to learn what they have to offer and teach them how you do things. Discuss it. Blog about it. Help others learn more. Feed off of the passion of others, and share the passion you have inside in return.

3. Begin

Do it just for the love of doing it. Reconnect with it. Feel the freedom that comes from it. Fully engage with it. Allow the teacher we all have inside to wake up and begin leading you to new places within your passion. Decide to spend a little time everyday working with it.

You don’t need a particular goal here. Just do it for the sake of doing what you love. Allow that passion and love to guide you and keep you exploring. Learn how to do something because you enjoy it again, and not because you have to. Just do what you love with no expectations.

4. Serve Others For Free

Now that you’ve reconnected with the purpose of your life and allowed some time for yourself to just play and enjoy, help others. Think about how your passion can serve other people in a meaningful way. Then, do it for free.

When you serve others through your passion, you are providing a service to others while doing something you love to do. It simply doesn’t get much better than that. Also, in doing so, you’ll begin to figure out where you might be able to discover true needs that your passion can fulfill. It’s a way of doing market research that helps others in the process. Write down the opportunity ideas you come up with for areas where other people really need someone that can do what you do. Ask others how much they believe what you are doing for them is worth monetarily. As far as any payment is concerned at this stage though, ask those that you’ve helped to simply recommend you to others and to write you a letter of appreciation. Just be comfortable serving others through your passion.

5. Do It For a Fee

After working in your passion for a while to serve others for free, you’ve learned some key things that can help you earn income doing what you love. Go back to your list of opportunities, and begin offering services for a fee. Think of it as part-time work at this stage. That way, you can continue working your regular job and caring for your family as you try out your business legs.

Remember to enjoy what you are doing, and appreciate that you can now do it and earn an income at the same time. When you feel like it’s unfair to charge people to do what you love, just remember that every truly successful person in their field had a passion for what they are doing. Why don’t you deserve that level of success and happiness? The answer is that you DO deserve to be successful and happy!

6. Build a Business to Prosper from your Purpose

This is the step that can take real courage, and only you will know when the time is right to make this step. At some point, however, you may be able to turn your passion into a full time business venture. Some people decide to wait until they’ve saved enough money from their full time job and from working their passion part time before considering a full time business. Others jump in with both feet, especially during economic downturns when they have to get creative about moneymaking opportunities. Any way you choose to do it, if you choose to do it at all, is up to you.

Just remember to always put the love for what you do first, and then share that love with your customers. When you always keep that in the forefront, the money will follow.

It was once said that when you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work again. It’s also been said that when you do what you love, it’s difficult to tell when you are working or playing. Regardless of how you think through it, expressing your life’s work to please yourself, help others, and to create win/win situations through business all equates to you expressing the passion that only you were born to share.

Author's Bio: 

James LeGrand is the Author of "Evolve!", an Amazon.com best seller in Religion and Spirituality. He is also the publisher of SpiritualIndividual.com, a free weekly newsletter that presents solutions to life’s issues through the lens of self-help, wisdom, philosophy and spirituality. In addition, James LeGrand is a Life Strategist, an Expert Author with SelfGrowth.com & EzineArticles.com, a former Radio Personality, a Fortune 500 Vice President, and a Sifu in Shaolin Kungfu, which has been known for centuries as a pathway to spiritual enlightenment.