There is a better way to look at the pain and problems in your life, one that can help them diminish.

The message Yin Yang reveals can easily be applied in your life and to any emotional pain or problem you have. It is an ancient symbol that represents opposites existing simultaneously within a whole. Each white part has a dot of black within it and each black part has a dot of white within it, both halves are enclosed within a circle.

In applying it to emotions, Yin Yang symbolizes the positive and happy always existing simultaneously with the negative and sadness although in different proportions. If you have the dark part represent the problems in your life with the white dot representing happiness. While the white part represents happiness with the black dot representing the problems in your life, you can see that there is always the positive present within any negative feeling or situation. One cannot exist without the other being present simultaneously. By noticing the lessons, gifts and strengths that come from any of life's challenges, you can grow the positive that is always there.

On an emotional level, this symbol can help you understand the dynamics of positive and negative energy in your life. The Yin Yang teaches that what may seem dark or bad always has a positive lesson or greater meaning beneath the surface, as symbolized by the black dot in the white section. For instance, when someone close to you passes away, you miss them and feel emotional pain because they are physically gone from your life. However, that is just one way to view the situation, and there is the opposite - another way that can help you grieve and heal.

Ask yourself, what did this person bring into my life? What were they like? As you begin to connect with the positive in the negative situation of their death by listing the beauty and joy they brought you, you will come to understand the positive impact that person had on your life and heal more deeply. In this example, the more you focus on pain and loss, the more you feel it, and the more negative emotional energy of pain grows into the dark part of the symbol with only a tiny dot of white to represent the positive or happiness they brought you. The more you focus on the gift that this person was in your life, the more you honor them and the good of your relationship, connecting with and growing positive energy.

Reflecting not on the loss you have experienced, but on the many ways your life was touched by having them in it allows you to transform the negative energy into the positive to a different proportion. There is no positive without negative, no giving without taking, no day without night, no up without down, and no having without losing. There is always good in any painful or difficult situation, you just need to identify and connect with it to allow it to grow into your life and soon the darkness will be diminished to a black dot surrounded by white-happiness. This is what Yin Yang teaches.

In Light,
Allison Love

Author's Bio: 

Allison Love is a world-renowned Spiritual Teacher and Counselor. She has been in private practice for 12 years helping people break self-destructive patterns and cycles in their lives with The CONNECTION.