It is a wonderful thing that the world is finally realising the awesome powers ordinary people have at their fingertips. The power to heal, the power to manifest, the power to rule and manage their own lives. There is a lot of information out there telling us how powerful we are, but very little depth of information telling us how to access this power and work with it. This article takes you a little deeper into the world of energy healing. How it works, why it works and how to make it work for you.

The first thing that needs to be understood is illness or issues. In our truest state of being, we are without illness or issue. Although it is true that some amazing souls come here with selected maladies that carry and help shape them to their soul purpose, most people suffer needlessly because they've experienced trauma in this life and others, and the repercussions of that trauma creates damage and layers of garbage that the person then has to carry around with them often without them even knowing that they are living with this. The goal of a healer is to eliminate the layers of garbage and heal the damage caused by the trauma experienced by that soul.

The primary ingredient of any healer is energy flow. All life runs on energy. This energy is known by many names including Ki, Chi, Manna, and so on. The places where there is damage, illness, built up negative energy and so on, are places where energy isn't flowing properly (or in some cases, at all). The primary intention of basic healing work is to get the energy flowing again in those areas. Also, because this energy has healing properties, moving the energy into problem areas can provide the transmutation of darkness and damage to light and health.

Just to be clear, every person has this energy flowing through them. It flows in and out of them and is transmitted between themselves and others constantly and particularly strongly in times of intimacy such as hugs or sex. Whilst this flow of energy carries on regardless of us not being conscious of its existence, we actually can develop the ability to interact with the energy. Some of the goals of a healer include consciously directing this flow and building the amount of energy that flows through them to increase the power of the flow. This increase in flow ensures (amongst other things) that the energy that is flowing into the other person from the healer, isn't draining the healers reserves, but rather, that the healer is being used as a 'straw' through which the energy travels from beyond, to the recipient.

The other important aspect to healing is building skill and knowledge. Developing yourself as a healer takes time. Initially, you really are just placing your hands on someone and allowing the energy to flow through you and into them. This is very important and it may be as far as you want to go. However, there is much more that you can do. Learning how to work with the flow of energy, direct it, work with higher guidance, work more deeply with the energy field and chakra system, work with colour healing and more all goes in to increasing your effectiveness as a healer.

Anyone can start working with the flow of energy. To begin, just rub your hands together to get the energy pumping, say to your concept of a Higher Power 'Please use me as a channel for your healing energy' and place your hands on someone (with their permission of course). Some people have amazing results just with this alone. It is certainly pouring healing energy through you and into the recipient. However, if you want to go any deeper than this, you may want to look at some training. It can be difficult to find good basic training in Energy Healing work. Some people go to Healing Circles or Groups whilst others do Reiki courses and the like. Although there are some online courses available, it is important to be careful as many of them are short on information and make lots of promises based on attunements alone or with scant information included. Whilst attunements can be useful to boost your energy flow, they do not replace good solid training and information. So make sure you find out what you are getting for your money in any training you undertake.

When all is said and done, it comes down to this. If you want to develop your healing powers, you can. The more dedicated you are, the more you can develop your ability to heal and transform both for yourself and others. I wish you well.

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Daniella Breen also known as Shaman Goddess has been working as a professional Energy Surgeon since 1997. She has also been teaching this work for many years and has recently designed a new Energy Healing Course with weekly lessons delivered to your inbox plus two recorded guided meditations. Visit her website to learn more.