How To Deal With Fear

It's Halloween month. Here are some steps to deal with fear, real or not.

October is fear month. With Halloween approaching we focus on the scary and frightening. Horror films abound. Homes and businesses decorate to haunt us. Add this to the daunting economic conditions and it seems the perfect time to talk about fear and how to handle it.

What is fear? Some would say that it's the absence of love and faith, and they'd be right. Still, knowing does not always give us the ammo we need to deal with fear. Here are some steps to try when you feel fear:
1. Note it. Define what it's pointing to and objectively face it.

a. If it's physical and real breathe and take action. For example, if you see a tornado, take cover. If you're going too fast on the freeway and you're frightened, slow down. Do whatever it takes physically to make the fear disappear. And, breathe.
b. If the fear is about someone else, release it. You can't help someone else when you're afraid. You can't fix someone else's situation. Skip to step #4.
c. If the fear is based on thought or emotion, flush it out. Write down the exact thing you are afraid of.

2. Breathe and comfort yourself. Show yourself compassion. Smile.

3. Determine if there is a reality behind the fear. Fear of the future is illusion. If there is no real obvious threat right now, release it (see below). If there is a situational concern, do something about it. For example, if you're worried about cash flow, write down your income or savings and expenses. Look at what you have and are lacking. Decide to come up with a plan and create what you need by using these steps:

a. Determine what you need to fix your situation.
b. Define what you need exactly and specifically. Give details. If you need money, decide how much and when it will come to you. Ask that it be legal. If you need a new client, define the client and when the client will come, how much it will bring in, etc.
c. Clear any resistance you have (limiting beliefs) that will prevent you from getting what you need.
d. Ask for what you need.
e. Have faith that it will come. Know you are taken care of and you take good care of you.

4. Breathe

5. Meditate and find your center. Notice the thoughts that are worrying you. Do not follow them or attach to them. Let them go.

6. Visualize what you want to happen - how your situation will change. See yourself in this place.

7. Breathe

8. Enact your plan and/or live your dream. Stay present and do what's needed right now to make it happen.

These are scary times, but as you know, you are ineffective and very uncomfortable if you live in fear. The key is to face it, learn from it and move beyond it. Fear is a pointer that you have something to do. Either something needs fixing, or it's time for you to get going and grow. As Edgar Watson Howell said, "A good scare is worth more . . . than good advice." Happy Halloween.

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