Some people feel broken and empty when they are not involved in an intimate relationship, but these feelings may in actual fact get in the way of you finding your soul mate. The feelings of loneliness and being "broken" can effectively emit negative vibes which make you vulnerable to stepping into the wrong relationship.

It is important to feel whole and complete within yourself before seeking to find your soul mate for more reasons than one. First, you feel more comfortable, relaxed and confident in yourself and consequently enjoy your life more whilst waiting to meet your soul mate. Second, in being relaxed and confident you are more likely to recognize your soul mate as you are emitting positive vibes; and third, these positive energy waves will attract positive people to you and from this platform you can learn how to magnetize your soul mate into your life.

Good relationships are more easily built from a feeling of strength than from a position of vulnerability. Not only that, in feeling confident and relaxed you are more likely to get out and about and give yourself the opportunity to meet new people; if you stay home and lounge around in pajamas watching the TV you are highly unlikely to even get into a position where you might meet your soul mate!

Building self-confidence and positive expectation are therefore central to learning how to find your soul mate. There is a soul mate for everyone; in fact there are probably many potential soul mates for each of us. But they will not be found unless you are open to finding them. You can learn how to harness your mental powers and attract your soul mate with the help of hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation which allows you to tap into the powerful resources of your inner mind. You can easily learn how to create a positive expectation that you will meet your soul mate. Your mind is a very powerful thing; whatever you imagine you will create.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for relationship issues.

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