In our society, we often use the phrase, “Go with the flow.” Many of us have not given any thought as to what that means. Going with the flow means moving with the flow of events. It means that you move with the present, and you do not fight against it. The present is also known as “current.” It is the energy of one event happening after another. By staying connected with the current, you flow with it. With flow, you are no longer resisting the events of your life. You understand that every event that occurs in your life had to happen exactly as it did. At the level of spiritual energy, there are no mistakes.

Everything that happens in your life happens for a reason that benefits you. We always say that “everything happens for a reason,” but we conveniently leave off the fact that it happens for reason that benefits us. We may never consciously see how that situation benefits us, but it inevitably holds a pearl for us that we need only to see, experience, feel, or hear.

The spiritual person moves with the flow of the present. She doesn’t spend time wishing that this moment were anything different than what it already is. She experiences it, accepts it, and makes a decision about how she will see it. She spends no time on how the situation could have been, should have been, or would have been. She accepts now and flows with it.

When you indulge yourself into the should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve, you are fighting the flow. In fact, you are stopping it to analyze it instead of moving with it. You are spending your present moments analyzing the past moments...moments which you can do nothing about. You are using the moments you have choice about to ponder moments you cannot change.

Moving with the flow of events requires a trust that everything is exactly as it should be. There is an understanding that there is nothing wrong and that everything happens for a reason that benefits us, even when we don’t understand it.

The spiritual person realizes that this isn’t always a pleasant experience. Situations will come up that may be difficult to deal with and possibly painful. Where the vast majority of people will complain about the situation and will wish for something else, the spiritual person will allow himself to experience the emotions he has attached to the circumstance. He will see that the situation is what it is, and will claim full responsibility for the emotions he generated about it. He will also continue to flow with the event. Despite his opinions about the event itself, he will continue to move with it and not make a decision to move against that flow because of the emotions he is feeling. He will look inwardly for the next action or wait for the next action to become obvious. Rather than fight, he thinks movement. This is what it means to flow.

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