With an increasing number of vehicles traversing the highways of the world a higher degree of driving confidence is required to enable one to step out of their usual comfort zone. To drive on an unfamiliar road can be very daunting to many a driver. Roads and road systems can be very different from one side of a town to another let alone between different countries or continents.

I am very aware of this reality as I regularly drive in both the UK and California. Driving in the UK varies a lot. On the Isle of Man, roads are generally small and relatively free of traffic; there are no caravans and few articulated vehicles. But, and this is a big BUT, there are a lot of tiny roundabouts; the ones I mean are those that are denoted simply by a white circle painted on the tarmac. I know many a visitor whose driving confidence has completely escaped them when faced with one of these little roundabouts which we locals find far less daunting.

In the UK in general there is also no intuitive aspect to road directions, in contrast with many American roads which run upon a grid system. Whereas roundabouts can be the nemesis to some, four way junctions, seven lane highways or carpool lanes can present a few surprises to a person who is visiting and driving in California. Confidence comes from feeling comfortable and familiar with something. Driving confidence is certainly challenged when presented with these types of unfamiliar situations.

There are challenges to be met in any new road system and driving confidence is required if you want to get from A to B safely. Whether you are going from an area where you are used to heavy traffic and high speed to a more rural area or vice versa, there will always be differences. And then there is also the potential ultimate difference in that you may be required to drive on the other side of the road. Driving is challenging and driving confidence can often diminish, particularly when faced with an unfamiliar environment.

There are many things which you can do to help yourself and prepare for driving abroad. First, you can find out about the local rules. In this way you will know what otherwise unfamiliar signs mean, or how you are meant to deal with four way junctions or roundabouts and so on. If you know that you know how you should respond you will have far greater driving confidence. Second, before you drive anywhere, familiarize yourself with your directions; don't just set out and hope to see a signpost. Have a good look at the map, and better still key in your destination to an automated navigation system. In this way you won't have to think about signs or directions and all of your attention can be focused upon the task in hand - that of driving with confidence, in accordance with the local rules on the correct side of the road.

If you haven't had much driving practice then the very act of driving can be fear inducing in itself. In this case hypnosis can be very helpful in accessing your subconscious mind and mentally rehearsing driving and creating a positive emotional attachment to those rehearsals. With this type of mental rehearsal, each session of visualization is recorded by your brain as if it were a real experience, thereby building driving confidence again and again. With the help of a hypnosis download you can easily learn to use hypnosis and train yourself to have complete driving confidence.

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