A fear of lifts may take many forms. Sometimes this fear can be felt as a vague unease, whilst at other times these tingles of anxiety can morph into a full blown panic attack. Anxiety over anything does indeed tend to escalate over time; what begins as a vague feeling of discomfort turns into a completely debilitating phobia.

New buildings all over the globe are getting ever taller, each architect or construction firm competing for the title as creator of the highest building or tallest structure. To have only sixteen or twenty floors in a building is now seen as being relatively small as compared to skyscrapers which extend to over one hundred floors. And lift manufacturers have the task of inventing lifts which are bigger, smoother, faster and more elegant. But to the person who suffers a fear of lifts, no amount of smoothness or elegance helps to entice them within those four walls.

A journey up the stairs is infinitely more preferable than stepping inside that lift and watching the doors slide closed. Getting out of breath whilst running up the stairs is nothing as compared to the tightness experienced in your chest when even simply weighing up the possibility of stepping across the threshold of a lift. But those who suffer from a fear of lifts will all agree that their fear is EXTREMELY inconvenient! Most will also agree that it doesn't really make much logical sense; the likelihood of getting stuck is pretty minimal after all.

Anxieties, fears and phobias escalate over time as a result of the way in which the human mind works. Each time you think about something with a strong emotional attachment your brain records it as if what you were thinking about did in fact really happen. A person who suffers from a fear of lifts will create pictures in their mind of feeling trapped, or short of breath, or panicky AUTOMATICALLY every time they think about lifts; your brain records this extra episode of panic and this is added to the store of panic which is already associated with the concept of a lift.

To stop the cycle and overcome a fear of lifts, you have to learn to think about lifts in a different way, and create pictures which elicit a different emotional connotation. This is actually easy to do with the help of fear of lifts hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is what is needed to access the part of your mind which triggers automatic thoughts, beliefs and behaviors, which of course includes fear and phobic reactions.

You can learn to use hypnosis easily with the help of hypnosis mp3 downloads and train your mind to overcome your fear of lifts.

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