Emotional cheating in a marriage is not much different than physical cheating. The same emotions are being used and your husband is still emotionally detached from you, at least for a while. But to better understand what’s going on with your husband you’ll have to figure out why he is emotionally cheating in the first place.

One reason your husband is emotionally cheating could be there’s something missing in his sex life and he’s too embarrassed to talk to you about it. This may sound silly at first, but hear me out on this. You’re his wife and he sees you everyday. If he tells you about a fantasy he has and you shoot him down or don’t want to act out this fantasy that’s a pretty big blow to his ego. And it’s not like he can just not see you for a while, so the embarrassment will be there every time he’s around you so he’ll begin to feel awkward.

Your husband may also be losing interest in you after several years of marriage and he’s craving some kind of excitement in his life. Face it; after we get married we tend to get a little relaxed in our relationship. Guys are usually more guilty then women. For example, instead of greeting his wife with a hug and kiss after work, he’ll just give a “hi babe” and keep right on moving. Women are guilty of being too relaxed as well. Instead of having your hair done and make up on, you may just pull your hair back and skip the nails because you’re too busy. Fact is the excitement leaves a marriage after a while. It happens to all of us.

Your husband may see a new woman at work or the gym and let his mind wonder. Pretty soon he’ll want to engage in a conversation with her just to see what she’s like. Next thing you know he can’t get her out of his mind. She’s fulfilling all his fantasies for him, and she doesn’t even know it and neither do you. Meanwhile, your husband is drawing further and further away from you emotionally and doesn’t really want to be around you at all.

So how do you stop this from happening? Ask your husband plain and simple, “are you cheating on me, I noticed you’ve been acting a little funny”. Ask is he’s been thinking about someone else and let him know how you feel alienated because of his behavior. Odds are, he’s still head over heels in love with you, and he’s just board with his life right now.

You can also talk to each other about fantasies you both have, and then fulfill them. Let’s face it, a wife is for life. And if we can’t be comfortable talking about everything, then you’re headed down the road of a failing marriage. Tell your husband your fantasies, and encourage him to tell you his. It’ll make for a fun evening either way.

One other way to discourage emotional cheating from occurring is to continue to have fun together. Remember what brought you together in the first place, and do some of those things. You can still have dates and you can still have romantic evenings even if you have kids. Get involved in activities together. Go to the gym together three times a week or start taking walks after dinner. Join a bowling league or play softball together. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. We only get one lap around this track called life, how run the race is up to you.

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