In sales, you will learn many techniques in order to be successful. However, there is one particular technique that is not only effective, it is also quite intriguing to use. Are you familiar with conversational hypnosis? Do you know how you can take advantage of it in terms of gaining higher sales rate?

Otherwise called covert hypnosis, conversational hypnosis is applied while you communicate with a potential customer. While it is being used by many professions and for a variety of reasons, it is especially useful for salespeople.

In fact, you are probably using it already but you are not aware that it is actually a kind of hypnosis. How does it work? You begin by building rapport and establishing trust with your customer. This includes your body language and your choices of words, as well as the environment you put your potential customer in, which may help influence his thinking.

In order to use this rapport-building technique, you first have to develop a good relationship with the person. Strike up a conversation and get the person to identify with you. Then you can start to use little things, such as words or body language, to slightly influence that person's actions. Then this is followed by confusion or distraction which can be manifested by saying ‘don’t think about a new computer.’ You see, even if you tell your potential customer not to think about a new computer, you are in reality, making him visualize a new computer in his mind. In a way, you are making the person do something even without you telling them directly to do so.

However, in sales, we are supposed to be bold and straightforward. In this regard, we can also take on a more direct approach. We can say, ‘Think about a nice new computer with a faster processor, wider screen, and a huge memory capacity.’ This will actually make the other person think about it.

So now you already understand the power of conversational hypnosis. There is so much you can do and so many things you can achieve if you can persuade others into thinking what you want them to think. This technique certainly deserves to be recognized and used by people who earn a living through selling. It is very simple yet it can work wonders for you. Learn it, try it. Surely, your efforts will not be put to waste.

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