One of the keys that I have found helps me immensely during periods of change, is the ability to surrender to what is, no matter how unsettling it may feel. I simply allow the situation to become part of the greater plan. I remain flexible and shift gears if necessary, perhaps revaluating my immediate goals and how I am going to achieve them.

I have also come to realize that a new level of flexibility is required each time I make a decision to grow. Once change has begun, it triggers a longer journey of more changes which inevitably follow. Personal growth demands stamina and the ability to extend my line of vision beyond current circumstances. Otherwise it will become difficult for me to remain present for the real work that is occurring and which often is not readily apparent to the conscious mind. This is especially true during rapid periods of personal growth, when the creative push is at its strongest, burning away that which does not resonate to the new and higher way of being that is attempting to come forth.

Parts of my life that were once familiar may fall away, never to return. I find a way to let go, understanding that a part of me moves with the rhythmic pattern of release inherent in any change over process.

Collectively, we are in a forward moving motion right now. With this global shift, responsibilities are great. If you believe in life beyond this current body, than you may be open to the understanding that each and every soul on earth was cognizant of these changes and elected to come here to experience them and to contribute in their unique way.

The roll over that is occurring is not so much a letting go of the old as a coming out of new and expanded versions of ourselves, as the universe and everything in it expands in its own way. I choose to step out during this time and to let go of any fears, electing to operate from the truth in my heart. My heart is my guidepost and my guardian in these days of collective changes and I listen to what it has to tell me.

There is a rippling effect globally, that creates an initiation of sorts, delivering new and exciting opportunities for those who are ready. The doors are opening and the point of power is in the present, ready to be used. It is my decision to accept this personal power, to get comfortable with it, and then use it in the most beneficial way for myself and for others.

Another important key to navigating change is to understand its central purpose. This central purpose is the move towards a greater integration within oneself. This means a unity of action on all fronts and learning how to transform elements of the past into a higher version, or perhaps releasing them completely. This is a daily process that results in full incorporation of the past and merges it successfully with the present. Compassion for oneself and others holds within it the power of change and the essence of unity required to take self-growth to a whole new level. Growth into self mastery follows a divine set of lessons and initiations that are at once universal and personal in nature. This is the common link that we all share.

My advice is to not resist what is going on in your life, but rather flow with it. Grow with it. Let go of all fear. When you can keep your heart open during times of uncertainty, your personal power will expand. Love what has come before because it is this positive outlook that helps to support not only your own personal growth but the global community, as it marks the reformulation of a new cycle. This will also assist you to focus on those thoughts that are expansive, constructive, progressive, and life affirming.

Author's Bio: 

As a Registered Nurse, I have met a lot of people at different lines of the health continuum. We all value life and like to think that we can make a contribution to those around us.
I am passionate about making a difference in the world. My interest in personal development stems from a life commitment that I made as a teen to focus on self improvement. My personal journey has made a significant contribution to my understanding of this work and my drive to experience higher states of consciousness.
I like to think outside the box. I also believe that I can make a positive difference in people's lives by helping them find a common ground. One of these common links symbolizes a personal and collective need to grow into expanded versions of ourselves. I believe that our minds hold the key to our personal growth. My current focus is on the development of audio programs which promote deep relaxation, well being, and whole brain functioning, all keys to operating at a peak performance level.
I am currently in studio developing audio programs that will pioneer specific communication tools to optimize the information flow between the conscious and subconscious levels of the mind.
Feel free to join me at Twitter. My current website, Brainwave, will be launched in 2010.