From all I have read and envisioned, there is a Universal energy from which all things are made. This energy fills the entire universe.

When you form a thought in your head, you tap into this energy, and you actually can create that which you are thinking about.
We all have the ability to create a thought and actually cause the subject of the thought to be created.

To activate this ability, we must learn to harness our creative mind. Typically, we function with our everyday competitive or conscious mind. But in order for us to create things with our thoughts, we need to activate our creative mind.

You have heard of gratitude, it is a very popular word today, but actually the concept has been in operation ad infinitum. We are one with Universal energy when we are in the state of gratitude. Saying “thank you" for what we have. Not want we want to have, but what we have. Gratitude unifies our mind with the Universal energy.
In order to manifest something you want………visualize. See it as if it had already happened. You are grateful for having this done deal. You see it in your mind as done and express your gratitude to the Universe for having given this to you.

To achieve wealth, use this same principle – keep the clear vision of the wealth you wish to attain. Then express gratitude that this wealth is coming to you. You must have complete and total faith that this will happen. You will conjure up all the necessary steps needed to bring about this wealth. What you see in your mind’s eye will manifest in the physical through the necessary ways and means.

To achieve this wealth, you must be an active participant. You cannot just sit and dream and expect it to happen just like that. You must do all that you can do each day to make your vision a reality. Visualize the good things that you will do for yourself, as well as for others.

Remember, the riches we receive will be in proportion to the preciseness of our vision, the strength of purpose, the steadiness of our faith, and the depth of our gratitude.

The Power That Lies Within You !!!

Take a deep hard look within yourself and you'll find that you're made of all that the universe is made of……….but beyond being matter we are energy; we are all a part of the Universal energy. We just need to tap into that energy. We are energy in physical form, or a soul within a physical body. Our spirit is pure energy
because it is part of our Creator/God. Energy can be changed but energy can never destroyed.

Remember what we all learned in school. Everything is made up of energy; nothing is truly solid. Even a rock’s energy vibration is moving constantly. Nothing is still; it just looks that way. It is energy - part of the energy that makes up the universe. The Universal Energy.

Since everything is energy, and energy is God, or the Higher Consciousness - then you are part of God. Like every rock, every animal, every tree, the entire universe. Imagine our spirit as a tiny spark of energy that is part of Creator/God. All spirits combined make us One with the Creator/God. Or if you choose, the Universal Energy.

You are energy that is comprised of consciousness and awareness.
This self-awareness, when you learn how to use it, can control the experiences you choose to bring into your life. What you think….you create! Things are energy. Thoughts are things! Therefore, each thought you have is like a bolt of energy that flies out into the universe to bring the result of that thought back into your life, like a mirror reflecting back to you. Whether that thought is good or bad - you create it into your own reality.
The one law we need to learn is the Law of Attraction. That which you think about - you attract into your life.

The Law of Attraction is always working. You're constantly attracting things to come into your life. When you understand this law - you understand what they call The Secret – and once you learn how to use your energy in the positive, you will choose what you want to come into your life.

If you are what you eat…….then you also are what you think. And………we become what we think about! Now ………………..What do you normally think about?

Like most people, your thoughts are usually about your daily work, problems, worries, fears, and what you don’t have.

Reality and you !!!

Ever since we were children we were taught to focus on results, not to focus on what we wanted the results to be. Instead of focusing on the school grade we wanted in a subject …….before the fact, we only focused on the result…….the grade we received. We learned to let results control our thinking instead of thinking first about the result we wanted.

Think about your debt and that's what you attract - MORE debt. Worry about your health and disease, and that's the way you attract - MORE ill health. Focus on what you call bad luck, and that is just what you will receive.

You must learn to realize that our thinking controls our results. We all need to be completely and totally focused on – and really be thinking about – getting DIFFERENT results than the ones we currently HAVE!

If you don’t like your reality, then It's time to change it now and create your future according to your new reality - the one that you want.

Author's Bio: 

Jordana Sands is a renowned holistic psychic, life coach, relationship expert, columnist and author of, "Jordana Sand's Envision" and "How To Recognize Your Soulmate Across A Crowded Room At A Boring Cocktail Party". Jordana's knowledge of human nature, her psychic ability and her ability to communicate has made her books, articles and lectures as fascinating and fun as they are informative.

Jordana's knowledge of her subject, her zest for life and her unique sense of humor touches all, and her clients and audiences cannot help but be revitalized with a renewed sense of purpose.

Speaking engagements have included The United Nation's wives of the diplomats, senior centers in and around the New York area as well as appearances at numerous charitable functions, psychic fairs and expos.

Jordana has a private practice as well as corporate, and leactures on various motivational subjects. Jordana lectured and ran workshops for 5 years at The East Side Community Center in NYC until its closing.