So You Want To Write Your Own Hypnosis Script...

As hypnosis continues to gain popularity today, a lot of information about this act of heightened suggestibility can be found online. Central to a successful hypnosis session, however, is a strong hypnosis script. When a subject goes through a hypnotic state, it is up to the therapist or the person conducting the hypnosis to induce suggestions that will ideally reach the person’s subconscious mind. These suggestions cannot be haplessly worded out as hypnosis is different from just persuading a person to do something.

Since hypnosis has a wide array of applications, the corresponding scripts are similarly varied. While resources on hypnosis abound online, there are few that actually divulge hypnosis scripts for free. As such, some resort to writing their own scripts to address their personal needs.

Mind the language

The quality of language is the focal point that distinguishes a hypnosis script from everyday conversation. Remember that it aims to reach a person’s subconscious, where comprehension is not the same as with the conscious part of the brain. This is exactly why a hypnosis script needs to be written in clear, simple language.

A complex, highfalutin word in your script that the subject does not understand will break your session. In this regard, use only short- and medium-length sentences to bring your point across. Alternating the two types will give more impact to your script.

On the other hand, simple language should by no means be trite and boring. Always use powerful words that excite the imagination. Your subject should understand what you’re telling him or her so it needs to be clear; you want your words to create impact so they need to be powerful. In this light, it is advisable to always use the present tense. Doing this emphasizes the urgency of your suggestions, reminding your subject that change has to happen now. Not tomorrow, and not in the near future.

Since a hypnosis script will attempt to appeal to a person’s subconscious, where imagination and creativity emanate from, remember to use exciting and visual language. There are certain words that register to the heart directly, such as “amazing” and “wonderful.” These are words that you feel first or associate with something before you think about what they actually mean.
Lastly, remember to always be positive in wording your hypnosis script. If, for instance, you are trying to rectify a problem, focus on the intended solution and the perceived outcome, not the problem itself. State things in the positive to achieve better results in moving on from the thing you want to change.

Repeat, repeat, repeat

Repetition can do wonders in hypnosis. Drilling an idea to your mind may prove unsuccessful in your normal waking state, but when your mind is in a state of heightened suggestibility, it words like a charm.

Remember that even in an ordinary setting, words can drastically affect the way you think. For instance, when you constantly tell yourself that you hate your job, in due time, you will indeed start hating your job. Now consider doing the same thing when a person is in a state of hypnosis. The effect will blow your mind.

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