Husband and I Can't Stop Fighting: He Purposely Starts Fights - He Starts Arguments For No Reason

When my husband and I just weren't clicking and were on the verge of separation, it seemed that anything that I said (even when I meant to say something nice or agreeable) was turned and twisted so that my husband would interpret it as my saying something sarcastic or mean. This got even worse once we actually separated. And I know that I am not alone in this. I hear from a lot of folks who describe the same thing and who do not know how to stop it.

Someone might say: "I don't know how to characterize what my husband and I are going through. He has moved in with his mom. His excuse is that his mom just had surgery and she needs him, but I believe he is staying there just to have a break from me. I asked him if he considered us separated and his answer was 'not yet. Right now we are just on a break.' The main reason that we were not doing so well in our marriage is because my husband insists on twisting anything I say to make it look as if I am complaining or trying to engage him when I'm not. For example, he has friends who live up north who will always want to come down and stay with us for free. They basically plan their vacation around our free accommodations. At first it didn't bother me, but over the years, it has started to really get on my nerves. They come down and almost expect us to cater to them when we are not on vacation and we still have obligations. A couple of weeks ago, my husband mentioned that they were not coming down this year because of their elderly parents. I responded that this was understandable, as we are all getting to the age where we have to care for our parents. I honestly did not say what I was thinking - that it will be nice not to have to put them up for free for once. But my husband twisted it all around and said that I never liked them and I never welcomed them. Then, he got on a roll and said that I do not like any of his friends and think I'm better than every one else. This is just one example, but there are many. I can commit that something we are about to buy is expensive or is a hit to our budget and my husband will respond with 'are you saying I don't earn enough money?' I can tell my husband that I woke up tired because I had a fluke night of bad sleep and he will ask if our marriage stresses me out so that I am not sleeping. Honestly, it does not matter what I say. He is going to turn it around to start a fight and to make me seem like the bad guy."

I do know what you are saying. This is very common when your marriage starts to deteriorate. Because both people are frustrated, they tend to give this frustration right back to the other. And sometimes, it comes out in the form that you see here - him trying to twist your words and perhaps start a fight.

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When this happened in my own marriage, I handled it pretty badly initially. I would play right into my husband's hand - getting mad at an alarming rate and asking why he insisted on twisting everything around. But I finally realized that this was not getting me anywhere. One day I was flipping around on the TV and I saw a program where a psychologist was advising couples to practice something called "mirroring." And it was meant to address the very issue I was going through.

In mirroring, when you feel the conversation start to go off track, you begin to repeat back what your spouse has said (in your own words) to see if you are reading it right.

For example, let's say my husband was angry and made an offbeat and hurtful comment like: "I'm sick of just staying home. We never go anywhere. It gets boring and depressing." Now, my inclination might be to say something like: "well sometimes I am tired and I want to recharge and maybe save some money for once." But in order to avoid a fight and to make my husband feel heard, what I should say is something like: "let me see if I am hearing you correctly. It sounds like you are saying that you're feeling a little restless because you want to go out and have some fun but because I am tired, you are feeling like you never get what you want. Do I have that right?" If he says no, then I'd ask him how I misinterpreted it. If he says yes, then the next step would be trying something like: "well, I am not sure that I would be great company tonight because I am exhausted, but if you are willing to wait until tomorrow night, I think we can have a good time then. Is that acceptable?"

Do you see how you go from making sure you understand each other to then compromising? I know that this might seem unnatural at first, but it does work. And it is so much better than feeling the frustration of having your words twisted and then being tempted to just shut down altogether. It does take practice and determination. And you will often have to model it for your husband before he catches on. But once he sees that it means that you both feel heard and that you avoid problems this way, you might be surprised at how quickly he gets with the program. This takes time to become a habit, but it is the most effective thing I've found to avoid your spouse twisting what you have said.

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What can you do when you think "my husband doesn't want me anymore"? A lot of married women unfortunately have this question. Including me - I was nearly losing my marriage too. I witnessed it first-hand how it can be next to impossible to balance your life around the different roles that come with a marriage - the romance, being parents, work and paying the bills can definitely be difficult together. When you feel that your husband doesn't want you anymore, there are things you can do to save your marriage just like I did.

When you say "my husband doesn't want me anymore", you can act in several differing ways, one of which is to evaluate your behavior towards him. When you realize that he doesn't love you as much as he did before, blaming him is the easy way out - but not necessarily the right thing to do. Rather, you should look at yourself and see how much you have changed. Are you taking him for granted? This can change his feelings for you greatly. Maybe you don't focus on him, or things in his life that he wants to talk about. So, from now on, try to support him more in his life. Don't nag him on things that have to be done around the house. Compliment your husband, and you can make him feel special.

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It's common to let go of the romance in the relationship in favor of the thousands of other things going on. But this doesn't change the fact that sexual attraction is the base of all marriages and other romantic relationships. Being a mother can make you forgo your role as a wife and focus on being a mother instead. So, if you're saying "my husband doesn't want me anymore", you must understand that "love, forever" doesn't occur naturally if it's not fostered. Make efforts to show him that you are still attracted to him, and want to spend some alone time with him.

Even if both spouses love each other sincerely, at times they might find themselves getting more and more distant from each other and getting close to a divorce. But like me, you too can take some steps into saving your marriage and turning it into a satisfying relationship.

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Wouldn't life be magnificent if you and your husband could sustain the same feelings throughout your marriage, that you felt the day you wed? Unfortunately for most of us, the honeymoon phase just doesn't last. Over time you may feel that your husband's feelings for you have shifted. This is a common problem and it leaves many women feeling rejected and confused. If you are worried that your spouse no longer cares for you to the same degree he once did, there is help. You can make your husband fall in love again and it's not nearly as hard as you may think.

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If you want to make your husband fall in love again you have to consider the dynamic of the relationship today compared to what it was when you first married. We all change over time and that's especially true of couples who have children. When little ones arrive you go from being a man and woman in love to being parents. A lot of responsibilities suddenly impact you and your time together just isn't the same. It's easy to fall into a trap where you start to take your spouse for granted. If you've done this, it can result in your husband not feeling as close to you as he once did. You need to work on recreating the same feelings that were once there. That means spending more time together just as a couple and not always as co-parents. Arrange for babysitting one night every couple of weeks and just focus on each other. Once your husband feels you putting him back to the top of the priority list, it will change how he feels about you.

You also need to become his biggest supporter again. This is a great way to make your husband fall in love again. Men want to be with women who are proud of them, and women who support them in every thing they do. Tell your husband on a daily basis how much you love him and how much you appreciate everything he does for you and your children. Make him feel like a hero and he'll be instantly drawn to you all over again.

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Many married couples believe that their love can withstand all kinds of problems as long as they love each other. However, it takes more than just love to build a strong marriage. In order to have a long lasting relationship, you have to know how to build a strong marriage.

Spend quality together with your spouse
Make an effort to spend some quality time with your spouse every day. It can be just some simple conversation at the end of the day before sleep. You do not need to plan on dates every day just like those days before marriage, but at least try to plan a weekly date with your spouse.

Respect your spouse
If you want your spouse to treat you the way you would like to be treated, you need to learn how to respect your spouse. Talk with kindness and never think of being the controlling party to dictate the relationship.

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Do things together
You will be able to build a strong marriage when both of you can work together just like a team. Assign tasks and roles on the household to avoid any conflicts.

Be truthful
One important step to build a strong marriage is to be truthful to the each other. Nobody can stand their spouse to lie or get involve in an affair.

Show out your love
Show your spouse that you love him or her. Prioritize your spouse's needs before yours. Care and love your spouse with loving actions and words.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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