Husband Angry Over Little Things: Everything I Do Annoys My Husband - Ways For Dealing With A Husband Anger

When a Passive Aggressive (PA) husband refuses to give you what you need (attention, assistance, a task done, etc), because "he forgot to do it," consider it a skewed, (but to him, a real) manifestation of hostility.

To him it means that he doesn't have to show his concern for you, he doesn't have to treat you like someone with legitimate dependency needs. He resists you, and rejects you, and you are unsure of why.

He leaves you out in the cold so your needs are not satisfied. You get no explanations whatsoever for this deliberate frustration. We are talking here of things he can normally do.

In a time of need the PA person will always be, as the saying goes: "an hour late, a dollar short, or a block away."

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He backs off at the right moment, doing nothing when something is expected from him. He hides behind a curtain of good intentions..."I tried to, but..." He "was meaning to go with you to the doctors...but something else came up." He can give you a dozen reasons why he could not do what he promised. The first excuse is that he forgot about the deal. This leaves you confused between believing him, and listening to your hurt feelings.

Every time you receive this excuse; each time he says that he "forgot," substitute the words: "didn't want to" instead of "forgot."

You then realize what is going on, and can move on with your decisions. You put an end to the confusion and mental paralysis provoked by his mix of declared good intentions and hidden denials.

A note of caution: This decision, to look at his forgetfulness as a deliberate decision to frustrate you, will probably escalate the situation between the two. You don't need to confront him; you need to convince yourself that his actions are intentional and stop waiting for him to remember that he is 50% of a marriage.

Is a decision to help you clarify your mind. From there on, you have the right to do your own decisions...

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No true building can stand the test of time without a solid foundation, therefore for marriage to stand the test of time the foundation of such marriage should be critically work upon and be solid. Here, listed some of the component of a solid foundation:

1. Good Character. "Houses are built through wisdom and by understanding it is established." Develop good attitude that will make your marriage material and marketable. You need to purge yourself of every bad character like talkativeness, nagging, abuses, keeping malice, anger, pride, backbiting, gossiping, anger, stubbornness, and what have you. All these combined together to uproot anybody from a good life and marriage. Work on yourself and allow God to breathe on you and make you develop good character such as kindness, forgiving spirit, humility, neatness, joyous, happiness, hospitality, all these combined will grant good marriage with God on your side.

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2. Good Choice. There no decision without a choice and whatever choice you make today determines your future. If you choose wrongly, you will live your choice and if you allow God to determine your marital choice; you will have a good marriage. Avail yourself the opportunity to make God lead you to choices in life.

3. Good Communication. If you do not know how to talk well, you will not be favor by people. Learn when and when not to talk. Proverbs 4:7 says, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And with all thy getting, get understanding." You must act and react wisely at all individual difference. Develop a large heart to accommodate people with their difference. This attitude will help you a lot in your marriage. Shalom!

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Because a marriage typically involves 2 people, there needs to be the right amount and quality of communication between those people. By quality I mean that you are communicating with each other in the clearest and best way possible. You may not realize it, but there is a lot that goes into communicating properly with another person. When you are explaining to your spouse how you feel, it needs to be clear to them so they can understand and respond accordingly.

On other side of things, you also need to be good at listening, that's your other job. Listening to what your partner has to say is critical because talking things out will carry you through this difficult time in your relationship. Fighting, screaming, and arguing will not. Those are the things that begin killing a marriage and it is communication at its worst. You want to be civil with your partner, respect his or her needs and position on certain subjects and really be persistent in finding a way to work things out that makes both people involved happy.

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Have you finally felt the need to get marriage advice online? Are you wondering if it's a good idea to seek it out there?

Well, you're probably misguided and thinking that you need a bunch of other perspectives and points of view. But if your marriage is in turmoil and if the marriage advice you get tends to be untrue and unreliable, then this is a huge concern.

Don't feel alone in making this mistake. I myself have sought out marriage advice online and found out that it actually helped me out in my marriage...that is after I siphoned through all the endless crap and found actual reliable advice from one source.

Let me tell you I was at my wits end and that I felt that every thing was about to explode in my face, and was happy to find reliable marriage advice.

My wife and I were at the breaking point in our relationship. So every possible chance to save our marriage I took. I don't know for sure but I think my wife may have also sought out some marriage advice online too. But for the most part she was done with it all.

Is the Internet a Good Place to Get Advice on Marriage?

For the most part I believe that it can be.

Here's why.

Don't you feel that sometimes it's really hard to ask someone you know because they might prejudge you? It's difficult to say the least because they probably know you both and may jump into wrong conclusions. It's hard explaining every detail because it tends to get embarrassing.

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Some of a few also look for a marriage counselor. Personally I don't like to sit in front of a stranger pouring out all of my deepest thoughts and what's more mortifying is that I'm facing them. This also costs a ton of money as they charge by the hour.

Marriage counseling for some people works but I don't think it was for me or my wife.

And then there is marriage advice online, as most people giving the advice are people who know nothing about marriage. There are some who generally care, people who have been through it want to help out other people too.

Be wary too of people who are scammers who put up web pages that just after for advertising money. They steal articles from the people who genuinely help people. Sad to say, there are still people out there who are after your money and are not after of helping you out.

Be also on the look out for forums, they seem to include a lot of people who may make your marriage worse as it is because they don't really have the authority to dole out marriage advice properly, and they might have a marriage that is actually worse than yours.

The online counselors are vary from one source to the next. I looked in every nook and cranny online for good marriage advice, and truly found that most of the so called counselors simply regurgitate a bunch of the stuff that doesn't work.

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