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My husband doesn't want intimacy anymore is sadly something you may find yourself saying after you've been married for a few years. All marriages go through spells where the couple makes love less frequently. However, if it becomes the norm and nothing is done to change it, it can undermine the foundation of the relationship and eventually the couple will end up so far apart that divorce seems like the only viable option. If you are determined not to let this happen in your marriage, you need to act now. You can take action to ensure that your husband's libido gets all fired up again, just as it did when you two first got together.

If your husband doesn't want sex the first thing you absolutely must do is rule out any medical issues. Once you know he's healthy you need to begin to look at what could be causing his disinterest in intimacy with you. Many women mistakenly jump to the conclusion that their husband must be having an affair because he no longer has an interest in lovemaking within the marriage. That is very rarely the cause. In fact, many men who cheat will actually want to have sex more often because of guilt.

Ongoing conflict between a couple can be one of the contributing factors when sex begins to disappear from a marriage. Even though we're brought up to believe that we are generally more sensitive than men are that's not always the case at all. Many men can't bring themselves to be intimate with their wife if there's a struggle between the two of them. If he feels hurt or frustrated over something, he may pull back from you physically. If you believe this is the case, you need to sit down with him to work out a compromise that works for both of you. Getting the issue off the table is paramount.

Another mistaken belief regarding marriages that become sexless if that the husband just stops finding the wife attractive because she's gained a bit of weight. Most people, including men, change after they take their wedding vows. They are so comfortable knowing that they are loved that they may let themselves go a bit. Just as you may feel self conscious about your body, your husband could very well feel exactly the same way. If you've noticed him complaining about the way he looks, work with him to correct it. Start on a getting healthier program together. It's always much easier when you have someone to support you. That way you two can share the experience while you both are working towards looking your best. Along the way you may just notice that he'll feel much more open to the idea of being intimate again.

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Are you going through a rough time in your relationship? Are you losing hope that you and your partner can make your relationship work? Are you looking for tips on saving a relationship? If you are tired of the endless fighting and ongoing disappointment within your relationship, you have come to the right place. Throughout this article we will discuss the different emotions that you may experiencing and provide you with tips that could help to save your relationship.

If you are in a relationship that is nearing separation or divorce, you know how painful the experience can be. Separating from the person you love is one of the most painful and heartbreaking emotional experiences that an individual can endure in their lifetime. If you feel like your relationship is doomed, you may be experiencing emotions of confusion, heartbreak, anger, and hopelessness. If this sounds like the emotions you are experiencing, do not give up hope. As long as you are willing to work at it, no relationship is doomed to fail.

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If you are looking to save your relationship, you need to first gain an understanding of why your relationship is failing. There are many reasons that a relationship may fail. Many times, however, it is because one partner expects something that the other partner is not giving them. Many times, the partner does not even realize that they are doing anything wrong. The problem, therefore, becomes ignored and magnified to the point where the relationship almost ends in separation. Whether this is the reason for your relationship failure or not, it is important for you to understand why your relationship is failing. It is only once you have this understanding that you can begin healing your relationship through a variety of healing methods.

If your relationship is failing, do not give up hope. Understanding and healing your relationship is within reach. There are many programs available that can help you and your partner understand where your relationship went wrong and that can provide you with methods of healing the damage that has been done. A good marriage program will provide you with a variety of information including, damaging myths about relationships, how to deal with specific relationship problems, and how to begin working as a team. They will also provide you with a variety of other tips on saving a relationship. Begin searching for a relationship program today and save yourself from the extreme heartbreak that you would endure otherwise.

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There are common misunderstandings about self help, the most common association with the term itself is of being all talk and no action. As a relationship coach who has been certified only through applying all that I know on myself first, I want to address a few questions commonly asked about self help and its link with relationships.

1) Does self help work? Yes it most certainly does! You may not realize that they only kind of help that does give you results stems from helping yourself first! It is only when you are fully aware of your wants, needs, and your true potential that you can combine your traits to get what you want out of life, and your marriage in particular.

You will run into many people who will steer you in a different direction about self help, or help you point fingers at other elements or people in your life who pose the problem. In all honesty, blaming anything or anyone is not the solution since the only person whom you can change is yourself, and everything else around you will follow that chain reaction. In a nutshell, self help is the first step of progress towards any goal.

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2) How will it benefit my relationship? Knowing what defines you in terms of values, morals, and general character will help you communicate and present yourself better to your partner. It is only when you are comfortable in your own skin will you be able to coax your spouse to open up to you as well. The biggest factor of knowing yourself is learning the ability to forgive your shortcomings. You will learn to have mercy on yourself, and also be able to see your spouse as an imperfect human being like yourself.

3) Who else can help me get in touch with myself? The first and foremost element that can draw you closer to your inner being is prayer and constant focus on what you like and dislike, irrespective of external definitions and expectations. You can refer to books that will help you tune into your essential self that wholly defines you. A relationship coach can help you achieve your desired goals in your marriage once you are able to figure out where you stand right now, and what your final destination is.

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If you are feeling very stressful and frustrated with your marriage, there may be some signs of unhappy marriage appearing. It is best to rectify the problems immediately as it can lead to a divorce if it is not handled properly. How to recognize the signs of unhappy marriage?

Constant fights
Fighting constantly is a sign to tell you that there is a problem with your communication. Fights normally will end up hurting the spouse and people who are close to them, like children. It can be very devastating to go through if there are arguments all the time.

Little or no sexual intimacy
This is one of the obvious signs of problems appearing in your marriage. If you or your spouse is not showing any interest in sexual intimacy, it may lead to more problems such as infidelity.

Bad communication
Lack of communication can also be signs of unhappy marriage. If both parties are not seeking to discuss or share their thoughts and feelings with each other, it may mean the relationship has already lost trust and faith. This signifies very strongly that there is something wrong with the marriage.

Do not wish to see your spouse
If you or your spouse is starting to dread going home to face the other party, this may show that either party is trying to avoid or escape from something that they do not wish to face. The avoiding party will try to keep him or herself busy at work or activities. The one who is always left at home alone will start to feel neglected, giving rise to frustrations and depression.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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