I Want To Give Up On My Marriage: How To Know When To End A Marriage For Good

Do you want to save your marriage but feel like giving up? Well, don't throw the towel in just yet! There are still many things you can do to save your marriage before opting for divorce. Try some of these simple, yet effective ways to get your marriage back on track.

* You need to talk to each other. You have heard it before, but it bears repeating. Communication is a huge part of a happy and healthy marriage. However, you want to have discussion and not arguments. When talking with each other, keep positive attitudes, especially when topics are problems you are having. Discussions will help define issues and come to resolutions for problems. Also, all of your communications don't need to be about problems. Talk about good things too and try giving a compliment to your spouse. You may even get a surprise reaction to that!

* Do nice things for each other. Little acts of kindness can go a long way and work much better than any words you speak. If your wife does the laundry, throw a load in the washing machine for her. If your husband takes out the garbage, take a bag out for him. Small and inexpensive gifts can also be a good choice. These little actions can be a way to show your spouse that you still love him or her.

* Spend time together doing things you have enjoyed before. Go on walks, picnics, or watch a movie together. Go out on a date like you did before marriage. You can do anything you choose as long as you are spending quality time together and having fun.

* Reminisce about the great things in your past together. Recall funny experiences you have shared or highlights in your marriage. Remember all the good times you have spent with each other.

* Be positive in your attitude, behavior and words. Negativity is so harmful in any marriage and will bring nothing good to your marriage. Being positive can be somewhat infectious to others around you and will most likely cause your spouse to become more positive as well.

Before giving up on your marriage, try these tips to help save your marriage. You just may be surprised by the results. However, if your marital issues are very serious, don't give up yet because you still have help available to you.

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On your wedding day you made a vow to your partner that you would be with them through better and through worse. Right now, however, you are experiencing the worst and are unsure if your marriage can make it. If you are going through a rocky time in your relationship and are beginning to lose hope that you and your spouse can make things work, you have come to the right place. You may be beginning to lose hope, but if you are interested in keeping your marriage alive, be assured that it is possible. Throughout this article we will discuss the different emotions you may be experiencing if you are nearing divorce and will provide you with some information that can help get your marriage back on track.

If you are in a relationship that is nearing divorce, you may well be experiencing emotions of confusion, depression, anger, and hopelessness. You should, however, not give up hope just yet. No relationship is doomed to failure and saving your relationship is well within your reach.

While saving your relationship is possible, it will not happen overnight. Repairing a relationship takes time, commitment, and a lot of love. The first step to repairing your damaged relationship is understanding why your relationship is failing in the first place. Many people will tell you that, in order to understand why your relationship is failing, you need to communicate with your partner. While communication is important in relationships, it is not always the best thing for relationships that are damaged. If a relationship is damaged, communication will only cause arguments, creating more anger and more hurt in the relationship. The best way to work on your failing relationship is not through trying to communicate one on one with your partner, but through the help of an outside program. Once a program has helped you to establish the workings of your relationship, you and your partner can begin to work on a variety of healing techniques.

Although your relationship may seem doomed to failure, you should not give up hope. Any couple has the ability to understand and heal their relationship. There are many programs available that can help you and your partner understand where your relationship went wrong and that can provide you with a variety of useful techniques that will aid you in your goal of keeping your marriage alive. Start searching for a relationship saving program today and get your marriage back to where you want it to be!

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There are many factors that have caused the increase in divorce rates over the years. It could be the want for instant gratification, the seemingly simple option of divorce posed by the media or society alike, or the mere lack of patience as a result of everything combined.

Divorce is never pretty or pleasant; it is long, painful and dreary. If you are double-minded about your marriage then you must consider that working on your marriage is far easier and rewarding than breaking it up.

If you want to save your marriage from divorce, I suggest you start now, and these are a few expert tips to get you started:

1) Talking and sharing first. Put your spouse on top priority. Talk about your relationship with him before you tell your best friend. Give him the prime cut of your conversational and social skills. Letting him know he is exclusive and precious to you will help him ease into opening up to you in return.

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2) Stocking up on reserves. Just as you would stock up the freezer before being snowed in for the weekend, it is far more essential to stock up on your relationship before a storm as well. By that I mean you must sit down together and figure out activities that both of you enjoy doing simply because they leave you feeling happy afterwards. Think of activities you can do together, and on your own. If you are already following the previous step and sharing things first with your spouse, chances are you will come refreshed from that happy time and affect him positively with your energy, as he would with you.

3) Don't ask and don't wonder. The most important factor about moving on in a relationship is the solemn commitment to yourself that you will not look back under any circumstances. Do not ask your spouse of mistakes he made in the past, and do not wonder whether he will repeat them or not. Envision the relationship that you want each step of the way and that will affect your focus and your internal thoughts as well.

The above steps all contain a common theme of the intent, which is of saving your marriage and living a healthy and happy life with your spouse. If at any point you doubt the validity of these steps, go back to your ultimate purpose and ask yourself whether these steps will help or hinder you.

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Counseling has helped to save a lot of couples from getting a divorce, but is it for you? Like with pretty much anything else, it has its own set of pluses and minuses. First thing you have to do is to be sure that you're ready for whatever it is that marriage counseling can ask of you. If you have reservations about it, or if you are not ready, it may not be right for you personally. Counseling is a process that needs your full cooperation to get positive results.


Counseling can be tough for some people, especially since when you do decide to go to therapy, you are principally just talking to a stranger. They won't automatically have a good idea of who you are as a couple. It is up to you to bare who you really are as a person. You have to trust that they will value your personal privacy and that their only goal is to make things better for you and your relationship. If neither you or your partner are prepared to do this, then therapy won't work for you. Always remember, counseling only gives back what you put it.

The effectiveness of the counselor will also come into question. There are a lot of counselors to choose from and only a handful are really good. You may have to go through several ones before you find the correct one. You need to look for a counselor that can stick to the problems. They should also make sure that the difficulties being discussed in the sessions are relevant to the problems you and your partner are facing. Ultimately, their focus should be on saving a marriage.


Some couples can encounter marriage issues that are deeper than for you to handle. Seeing a therapist can help you make progress and will help you keep inspired. However, always remember that the mere act of visiting counseling does not instantly save your relationship. If you want to get some marital advice, this is something you will have to do.

As mentioned, it could take time before you locate a therapist that's right for you. Do not be dejected if, at the beginning, you have to go to several counselors first. It's possible to ask your counselor for trial consultations. You can always ask for a trial run session. If you need to save your marriage and get marriage advice, then counseling may be right for you.

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