Husband Wants A Divorce Then Changed His Mind: He Keeps Changing His Mind About Our Marriage

Are you feeling insecure lately because you see signs your husband wants a divorce? Sometimes, being able to identify signs that your husband wants divorce can help to prevent unwanted divorce early.

Communication Problem
One of the obvious signs your husband wants a divorce is the break down on communication. You will realize that engaging in meaning conversation with your husband become lesser, not communicating or maybe quarreling whenever both of you start to talk. Either one or both of you also find it difficult to discuss about things.

Spend lesser time together
When a husband wants to divorce his wife, both parties will be spending lesser time together. Even when both parties have a chance to be together, the atmosphere and feeling is weird and strained. It is no longer the lighted hearted and lovely manner.

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No or Lesser intimacy
If you notice there is a drop in the intimacy level with your husband such as not touching, kissing and sex for quite sometimes, it could be a warning sign that something had went wrong in your marriage. Although, there are stressful times where intimacy becomes lesser, but married couples who are strongly in love will still try to make some time for intimacy as this is one of the ways to remain as husband and wife.

Hinting you about divorce
Did he ever say he wants a divorce? If he does, the thought of having a divorce must have came across his mind before.

If you are starting to see signs your husband wants a divorce, it is better to solve the problems rather than just sitting down there hoping the problems will just go away. It is never too late to change his mind about divorce and even if you are feeling that your husband is quite sure of getting a divorce, you can work on your marriage now to win his heart back because there are many great ways to Save A Marriage and often divorce is not always the answer for marriage problem.

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If you're reading this article, It's a fair assumption that your husband wants a divorce, and you don't. Here's what you can you do about it.

The simplest way to summarize the reasons someone wants a divorce is that that person simply isn't happy when they are around their spouse. There may have been infidelity involved, or other issues, but that's what marriage problems generally come down to. No matter what the issues, the simple fact is that if your spouse enjoys your presence, you wouldn't be getting divorced.

The solution then becomes very apparent: change things so they are happy when you're around.

In order to act on this solution, you need to understand the single most important thing that men want from their wives (or girlfriends or whatever) - respect (or admiration). Whereas women simply want to be appreciated and loved, men want admiration. No matter what they say, that's the truth of the matter - it's hardwired into us.

If you are constantly 'nagging' at him, what he's hearing in his mind is that he's not good enough - and he's going to become miserable over time. He hears the same thing when you try to change him, belittle him, or do most other negative behaviors.

If you want to keep your husband, you have to change how you treat him. Instead of nagging at him, give compliments and be appreciative of the things he does well.

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It's that simple. There's no real mystery here, you don't have to travel to a remote jungle and buy a love potion from a witch-doctor, you don't need any kind of voodoo or counselling (although it would almost certainly help), you simply have to look at human nature - and what drives a man, and act on it.

Knock out the negative behaviors, remember, it takes two to fight, and if you simply start looking at what he's doing right, you're going to do a lot better.

A quick tip on this - the first thing you need to do is to stop arguing. No matter how wrong he is, he's still at least a little right - validate him for what he's right about, and agree with other things. He can't fight with someone who isn't fighting back - and in the end, he'll actually start defending your point of view!

Basically what you want to do is focus on the good things and learn to ignore the bad - or at least you can learn to negotiate with him, and in time the bad things won't be so bad, and the good things will be so much better.

Something else you can do is think back to when the two of you were in your honeymoon period - when you were both truly happy with each other. Think about how things have changed, and how you can change to get things back to the way they were - at least from his perspective. When that happens, he'll start behaving that way again too.

I know a lot of this goes against how people think relationships should work, but once again, you have to look at basic human nature - and basic male nature - and revise what you think you know.

Act on these tips, and stick with them, and you will be able to save your marriage and keep your husband happy.

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Marriage represents being with the person you love with your whole heart. Overtime, it is easy to get lost in arguments, kids, jobs, etc., and forget to show your partner exactly how much they mean to you. This article will explore ways to remind your spouse how much you love them.

Did you know that love is the secret to staying married? It is true, that a love that is strong enough can withstand any struggles. The concept of marriage is that no matter what is thrown at you, the two of you can work past it together as a couple. Being reminded of that love is a good feeling.

The biggest secret to showing your spouse how much you care is in making times for yourselves. We tend to live very busy lives, and little details like this can easily be overlooked. Marriages are made of lots of powerful memories. You could sit down and remember all of the past wonderful times. This can help put things in perspective and be a reminder of what all you have been through.

Try taking your spouse out to their favorite place. Marriages are all about compromise, but give your spouse a day where he or she can completely make the decisions based on what he or she wants.
Buy a thoughtful gift for your spouse. Something that shows them that you understand them, and know what they want.

Get things exciting again. Do you remember all of the crazy things you use to do? Try rekindling some of that magic. Go dancing, go on dates, etc. It is never too late to do these things, and it will just make your relationship stronger.

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Infidelity in marriage happens due to several different reasons - it's either because the wife does not have enough time for the husband that is why he seeks other partner, or it's probably because the husband just fell into the temptation. Whatever the reasons are, infidelity in marriage is definitely a difficult thing to deal with for it can easily lead to the downfall of a relationship. Read these tips to help you in dealing with infidelity issues happening in your marriage.

Do Not Jump Into Conclusions

Suspicion and doubt is a bad thing because it could cause a marriage to be broken, even if there is actually no issue at all. So if you feel that your husband is having an affair, avoid jumping into conclusions without enough evidences. It is best that you confront your husband about it, or gather enough evidences before you accuse him of cheating on you.

Understand Why Your Partner Has Been Unfaithful

As I mentioned from the start of this article, there are several reasons behind the infidelity of a person. Knowing what these reasons are and addressing such issues could greatly help to save the relationship from being broken So as soon as you find out about your husband's infidelity, be willing to talk to him and find out the best options to deal with the infidelity issues.

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Accept the Reality

The problem with some women is that they tend to become in denial the moment they find out of their husband's infidelity for they are just afraid to face the truth. Knowing that your husband has been unfaithful maybe a devastating experience, but if you face the truth head on, dealing with such issues will then be easier for you. When you face the truth that your husband is unfaithful, then that is when you could think of ways on how to deal with the issue in the most appropriate way.

Avoid Confronting the Other Party

In as much as we want to slap the mistress of your husband, doing such will not do you any good, so avoid doing such. The problem involves you and your spouse so make sure that you first deal with it on your own and leave your husband to confront the third party. However, if you feel that the other party is doing all her best to ruin the relationship despite of your husband's appeal, then you better consider taking legal actions to teach her a lesson.

Addressing the issues of infidelity in your marriage life is not actually as easy as what you think. But if you and your partner are helping each other in dealing with such issues, then everything will be resolved easily. Remember that you cannot just deal with the issues on your own, for you also need your husband's cooperation in addressing the infidelity issues that has been ruining your marriage life.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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